Fredericka Ernestina Eggert

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Name Fredericka Ernestina Eggert
Born 1860-06-20 Beuchow Insel Rugen, Germany
Gender F
Died 1953-07-03 611 South Main Street, Ida Grove, Ida County, Iowa
Buried Ida Grove Cemetery, Ida Grove, Ida County, IA, USA
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Father Carl Friedrich Maritz Eggert b. (1824-03-05, Beuchow Insel Rugen, Germany) d. (1917-03-17, Lowden, Cedar County, Iowa)
Mother Ernestina Sophia Johana Martzahn b. (1832-08-28, Bublitz, Pommern, Koeslin Stettin, Prussia) d. (1898-07-29, Battle Creek, Ida County, Iowa)
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Family August Gustav Heinrich Horstman b. (1855-11-30, Brackrade, Oldenberg, Germany) d. (1942-01-03, Ida Grove, Ida County, Iowa)
Married 1880-12-10, Lowden, Cedar County, Iowa
Children 2 August Dietrick Horstman b. (1882-12-23, Scott County, Iowa) d. (1953-04-15, Norwalk, Los Angeles County, California)
8 Otto Earl Horstman b. (1900-03-25) d. (1996-02-16, Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska)
6 Fannie Horstman b. (1895-01-22) d. (1982-07, Ida Grove, Ida County, Iowa)
5 Paul Horstman b. (1888-05-25) d. (1964-03, Battle Creek, Ida County, Iowa)
7 Eitel Fritz Horstman b. (1898-06-08, Battle Creek, Ida County, Iowa) d. (1992-09, Arthur, Ida County, Iowa)
4 Charles H. Horstman b. (1884-06-25) d. (1968-02, Casper, Natrona County, Wyoming)
3 Alfred Horstman b. (1883-06-19, Scott County, Iowa) d. (1966-07, Casper, Natrona County, Wyoming)
1 Edward August Horstman b. (1881-04-28) d. (1966-09, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa)


Type Value
Fredericka Ernestina Horstman née Eggert
Ida Grove Cemetery, Ida Grove, Ida County, IA, USA
August Heinrich and Fredericka Horstman Family - circa 1915
Back row from left: Charles, Edward, Paul, August Heinrich, Alfred, August Dietric, Otto.
Front row from left: Eitel, Fredericka, Fannie, August Frederick. c. 1915
August Gustav Heinrich and Fredericka Ernestina Horstman
Taken circa 1941 c. 1941
Fredericka Ernestina Horstman nee Eggert
Fredericka with her spinning wheel
Probably taken in her home at 607 Main St. Ida Grove, IA c. 1945
Horstman Family
From left, August, Fredericka, Mary, Fanny, Theresa and Edward c. 1945
Fredericka Ernestina Horstman
Obituary 1953-07-16
August Dietrick Horstman Family
4 generation picture with Fredericka, August, Leonard Sr. and Leonard Jr.
Unknown c. 1946
Horstman Family
Horstman family group photo - Possibly taken at the passing of August Frederick Horstman in 1920? This photo seems to be taken circa 1928 based on the appearance of Carl Edgar Horstman (b 1915) in similar photos. I do not show any immediate family members passing in the 1928 time frame.
611 South Main Street, Ida Grove, Ida County, Iowa


1 NOTE Possibly name of town born is Beutow. Immigrated to US in 1873 on a sailing ship at age 13? Rugen island is on the Baltic Sea and is part of Pomerania? All of this info is from a posting on Schleswig-Holstein Bundeslander Germany Queries. The name of the town is Beuchow. It is just outside of Potbus. Not listed on anything except local maps.

Grandmother Fredricka moved to Cedar with the Horstmann family and married August Hienrich Jr. Decenber 10,1880. They farmed for 7 years in this area. In the spring of 1888 they moved to Garfield township where they purchased a farm and resided there until 1913 at which time they moved to Ida Grove, IA and lived the remainder of their lives.

Several memories I have of the farm and home in Ida Grove: August H. used to order wine from Germany in 3 liter wooden kegs and stored them in the cellar off of the kitchen. These were only tapped for special occasions and drunk from red crystal glasses. There was a bull snake that lived in the cellar and kept it free of bugs and rodents. Freidricka cooked on a free standing wood stove. In the 1940’s the children decided to buy her an electric stove. She never cooked on it, preferring the wood stove. As far as I know it was there when the home was sold. She made the most wonderful black rye bread in that stove. She also made sauerkraut in crocks set out on the back porch. The wooden blocks were held down by bricks and without a thermometer, she was able to know when it had fermented to an exactitude and ready for canning or serving. The three youngest children, Eitel, Fannie and Otto attended school at the neighboring farm with their 4 children. Their education continued until Otto was 12 and they moved to Ida Grove. The Otoe Sioux natives traversed the farm on their semi annual migration. Somehow, Fredricka was able to communicate with them and trade herbs, vegetables and native cures. Many the time, I was treated with leaves soaked in a brew and tied on the affected limb and it must have worked because I’m still alive. She removed a limb that Uncle Paul had run into with kitchen tools and a fish hook from Otto’s lip with a paring knife. I have the spinning wheel and the copper boiler Fredricka used to heat wash water. Also a kitchen prayer on burlap with a gesso frame reading …“Wer aug Gott vertraut hatwuhlgebaur”…not sure of the correct translation. I have marveled at the strength and courage of this side of my family. They overcame such odds and hardships and attainted such longevity. I hope you share this feeling. The preceding was written in 2000 by Judith Ellen Horstman, The daughter of Otto Horstman and sent to Roger Horstman.


Mr. And Mrs. August Horstman, residents of Ida County for 52 years, celebrated their sixtieth wedding anniversary on Tuesday, December 10 amid relatives and friends at their home on south Main Street. All of the eight children were present. Ed of Big Rock, Iowa; August Jr., and Paul of Battle Creek; Charles and Alfred, Casper, Wyo.; Alfred Horstman, Cherokee; Mr. And Mrs.Otto E. Horstman, Fremont, Nebr.; and Fannie of Ida Grove.

A family dinner was served at noon with places for twenty-three guests. The dining tables were beautifully decorated with a color scheme of yellow and blue. The centerpiece was a beautifully decorated five-layer wedding cake. Blue candles and yellow nut cups were used on the table.

Dinner Guests The dinner guests included the honored couple, Mr. And Mrs. D.W. Conrad, sister and Brother-in -law of Mrs. Horstman; Ed Horstman, Big Rock; Mr. And Mrs. A. D. Horstman, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Horstman, Leonard, Fred and Eddie Horstman, all of Battle Creek; Mr. And Mrs. Chas Horstman, Mr. And Mrs. Alfred Horstman, Casper, Wyo.; Mr. And Mrs. Gordon Horstman and Fannie Horstman of Ida Grove; E. Fred Horstman, Cherokee; Mr. And Mrs. Otto E.Horstman, Fremont, Nebr.; and Miss. Joyce Seavey of Smithland. Taken from the local Ida Grove newspaper.

Mr. And Mrs. Horstman were married at Lowden, Cedar County, December 10, 1880. They resided on a Cedar county farm seven years and in the spring of 1888 came to Ida County. They purchased a farm in Garfield Township and resided there until 1913, when they came to Ida Grove to reside. They have been residents of the city for the past 27 years.

From Pat Horstman Brown 10 Oct 1998 I am the daughter of Otto Earl Horstman, born March 25, 1900 to Fredrika and August Horstman. August immigrated to the U.S. in about 1845 and settled in Ida Grove, Iowa. The Horstman family is believed to have come from Schlesweig-Holstein, Germany. Fredrika’s maiden name is believed to have been Eggers, Egger or Eggert. She had a brother, Rikard who lived near Davenport, Iowa. Fredrika immigrated from the island of Rugen north of Germany in the North Sea. She immigrated at age 13, traveling on a sailing ship to the U.S.