Ernestina Sophia Johana Martzahn

Type Value
Name Ernestina Sophia Johana Martzahn
Born 1832-08-28 Bublitz, Pommern, Koeslin Stettin, Prussia
Gender F
Died 1898-07-29 Battle Creek, Ida County, Iowa
Buried Van Horn Cemetery, Lowden, Cedar County, Iowa
Type Value
Type Value
Family Carl Friedrich Maritz Eggert b. (1824-03-05, Beuchow Insel Rugen, Germany) d. (1917-03-17, Lowden, Cedar County, Iowa)
Children 4 Fredericka Ernestina Eggert b. (1860-06-20, Beuchow Insel Rugen, Germany) d. (1953-07-03, 611 South Main Street, Ida Grove, Ida County, Iowa)
3 Christoph Eggert b. (1858, Germany)
5 Johann Herman Eggert b. (1863-03-14, Insel Rugen, Germany) d. (1959-10-27, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California)
6 Augusta Bertha Eggert b. (1873-08-04, Springfield Township, Lowden, Cedar County, Iowa) d. (1967-05, Lowden, Cedar County, Iowa)
1 Caroline Maria Johanna Krowas b. (1850-11-27, Gingst, Island of RĂ¼gen, Germany) d. (1938-01-17, Odebolt, Sac County, Iowa)
2 Carl Eggert b. (1855, Germany) d. (1897, Lowden, Cedar County, Iowa)


Type Value
Ernestina Sophia Johana Martzahan
Ernestina Sophia Johana Martzahan - Headstone
Van Horn Cemetery - looking North 2005-04-20


Died of blood poisoning

1 NOTE The family moved to Insel Rugen, Stralsund-Stadt (FormerlySwedish Pommern) She is buried in Van Horn cemetery, Cedar County, Iowa. Lowden(City), Springfield (Twp) Section 11. Name in cemetery records shows Sophia Christina Eggert. Her maiden name is spelled Martzahn per her son’s, Johann Eggert, Calif. death index. Could be Mussal per Lowden News Paper and tree copied from Lowden history

Death in the late 1950’s. Johann never married.

1 NOTE Len Horstman Sr. and family used to go to down town LA and pickup Uncle John and bring him back to Norwalk for dinner. Then take him back. He lived alone in an apartment in down town LA. This was in the 1950’s. He left $2000 in his apartment for his burial. John is burried in Van Horn cemetery, Cedar Co. Iowa. Birth and death dates are not shown in cemetery records. We always called him Uncle John. The California death index lists a John Herman Eggert b. 3-14-1863 and died 10-27-1959 at the age of 96 in Los Angeles. It lists his mothers maiden name as Martzahn and his fathers last name as Eggert.

Hi Randall,

Wish I could given you more about Caroline Maria Johanna Krowas. This is what I do know - she was born Nov. 27, 1850 according to her obit. around Gingst, Island of Rugen, Germany. She was orphaned at the age of 8 yrs. She came to the USA aboard the ship ‘Prinz Albert’, which left Hamburg, Germany in the later-part of 1872 and arrived in New York harbor on Jan. 28, 1873. Caroline was traveling with the Carl & Christine (Marzahl) Eggert family (they had 4 children). Caroline was listed on the ship’s record as being a daughter of the couple, but was really a niece. However, I do not know which of the couple was the blood relative. The entire family settled at Lowden, Cedar Co., Iowa. In Sep. 1875, Caroline married Carl Siebrecht Sr., who she supposedly knew in Insel Ruegen, Germany and he & his family arrived in the USA on the same ship. Caroline died Jan. 17, 1938 and is buried at Odebolt, Sac Co., IA. Her death cert. says her father was Carl Krowas, but I have found nothing to confirm this. AND that is all I know. I realize that is a lot, but still her life in Germany is a great mystery. I wonder if she had siblings who might have come to the USA as well, but settled in surrrounding states, but no mention was ever make of them visiting, etc. But with everyone from that era deceased, who’s there to tell. Would enjoy hearing from you about your last name, sure is not a real common one. Mary.

Name of town where born might be Bublitz which is just East of Belgard

Martzahn, T., farmer, Section 28; Post Office Louden. from 1876

The following is from Mary Lanigan on 05-01-09. She use to live in CA. near or in Brentwood. My brother in law is a Martzahn but the only info he has is what I have found through my research. I myself am in Davenport for now. ps~~The Martzahns of Cedar County are related to my brother in law. I believe this is the infant daughter of Frank Henry Martzahn & Anna Hoegstedt as they did live in Omaha during this time period and some of their children were born in Omaha; one being an infant daughter Etta. Frank & Anna are buried in Davenpot Iowa at .Fairmount Cemetery.