Paul Horstman

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Name Paul Horstman
Born 1888-05-25
Gender M
Died 1964-03 Battle Creek, Ida County, Iowa
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Father August Gustav Heinrich Horstman b. (1855-11-30, Brackrade, Oldenberg, Germany) d. (1942-01-03, Ida Grove, Ida County, Iowa)
Mother Fredericka Ernestina Eggert b. (1860-06-20, Beuchow Insel Rugen, Germany) d. (1953-07-03, 611 South Main Street, Ida Grove, Ida County, Iowa)
Married 1880-12-10, Lowden, Cedar County, Iowa
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Family Dorathea Colshan b. (1891-06-03, Illinois) d. (1975-01, Hartley Memorial Hospital, Battle Creek, Iowa)
Married 1911-11-15
Children 1 Edward F. Horstman b. (1917-04-20, Battle Creek, Ida County, Iowa) d. (2002-08-03, Loveland, Colorado)
2 Paul Gordon Horstman b. (1914-06-14) d. (1990-10-17, Garfield, Douglas County, Minnesota)


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Paul and Dorathea Horstman née Colshan
Mt. Hope Cemetery, Battle Creek, Ida County, Iowa
August Heinrich and Fredericka Horstman Family - circa 1915
Back row from left: Charles, Edward, Paul, August Heinrich, Alfred, August Dietric, Otto.
Front row from left: Eitel, Fredericka, Fannie, August Frederick. c. 1915
Horstman Group
Fannie, Violet, Paul and Dora Horstman
611 South Main Street, Ida Grove, Ida County, Iowa
Paul and Dora Horstman
Wedding picture 1911-11-15
4 Generation Picture
August Frederick, August Gustav Heinrich, Paul and Paul Gordon Horstman c. 1916
August Dietrick Horstman and family
With Paul and Dora Horstman c. 1948
Horstman Family
Horstman family group photo - Possibly taken at the passing of August Frederick Horstman in 1920? This photo seems to be taken circa 1928 based on the appearance of Carl Edgar Horstman (b 1915) in similar photos. I do not show any immediate family members passing in the 1928 time frame.
611 South Main Street, Ida Grove, Ida County, Iowa


1 NOTE Paul Horstman was the Mayor of Battle Creek Iowa in the 50s or60s.

From Connie Horstman (Fred and Lorraine’s daughter)

Just got a note from my mom, and she called the Battle Creek city clerk’s office and they told her Pual Horstman was mayor from Jan 1958 to March 1961. hope this helps connie