John Beer Paddison

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Name John Beer Paddison
Born 1822-12-22 Neath, Glamorganshire, Wales
Gender M
Died 1910-01-03 Perthville, Bathurst NSW, Australia
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Father William Paddison b. (1791-01-17, High Bray, Devonshire, England) d. (1866-05-02, Neath, Glamorganshire, Wales)
Mother Mary Beer b. (1795-05-21, High Bray, Devonshire, England) d. (1840-12-21, Cadoxton-Juxta-Neath, Blaenhonddan, Wales)
Married 1816-03-19, High Bray, Devonshire, England
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Family Anna Maria Harper b. (1838-03-15) d. (1923-05-08, Bathurst, N.S.W., Australia)
Married 1856-07-17, Bathurst, N.S.W., Australia
Children 1 William Thomas Paddison b. (1857-05-08)
2 Frances Amelia Paddison b. (1858-12-02, Bathurst, N.S.W., Australia)
3 John Ernest Paddison b. (1860-07-15) d. (1943-10-09, Queen Charlottes Vale, Bathurst, NSW)
4 Albert Paddison b. (1862-07-19) d. (1865)
5 George Walter Paddison b. (1864-03-05) d. (1935)
6 Emily Maud Paddison b. (1866-03-03)
7 Arthur Paddison b. (1867-09-17)
8 Charles Henry Paddison b. (1869-07-29) d. (1949)
9 Marion Lily Paddison b. (1871-09-06) d. (1942)
10 Charlotte Ethel Paddison b. (1874-03-17)
11 Albert Bertie Paddison b. (1875-10-15)
12 Sydney Phillip Paddison b. (1878-02-18)


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John Beer Paddison
Emigrated from Trenache farm, Bryncoch, to Australia. He was the Australian Patriarch. He looked to his brother, William, for letters about Neath
George Beer Paddison Letter - 1863
Letter from George Beer Paddison to John Paddison regarding the death of his wife and the health of their youngest brother, Arthur Aaron 1863
George Beer Paddison Letter - 1863 - Transcription
Letter from George Beer Paddison to John Paddison regarding the death of his wife and the health of their youngest brother, Arthur Aaron 2013-02-12
William Paddion b 1791 - Letter of 16 Dec 1855 - Complete
Transcribed letter written to his son, John Beer Paddison, his daughter Julia Frances and his son-in-law Henry Harper Curtis
Trenache Farm, Neath, Glamorgan, Wales 1855-12-16
William Paddison b 1791 - Letter of 4 Aug 1861
Transcribed letter written to his son, John Beer Paddison, and his unknown wife
Trenache Farm, Neath, Glamorgan, Wales 1861-08-04


John Beer Paddison Born Dec 1824 Blaednhonddon, Cadoxton Parish, Wales Died 2 Jan 1910 (Florence Dale) Perthville NSW (near Bathurst) BDM 30921910. BDM shows Rockley which is near Bathurst NSW. John was a farmer on beautiful river flats just outside Bathurst NSW. Ann Harper born 15 March 1838 Sydney died 8 May 1923 Annandale (suburb of Sydney where she lived with her daughter, Lily) buried Bathurst NSW. They married 17 July 1856, Bellevue, Queen Charlotte Vale, near Bathurst, NSW. Both are buried in the old Bathurst cemetery, NSW. Her birth in 1838 was registered in BDM under the name of Thomas. However, I have examined the original records, and the name, Thomas, is written in very different handwriting to all other entries in pages both before and after. Therefore, I assume that her name wasn’t recorded at the time, and the entry was completed later, showing the father’s name.

Ann’s father was Thomas Harper, son of Thomas Giblett Harper (d 1854 Oberon NSW ? near Bathurst) and Margaret Harper nee Tapper (d. 1839 Sydney). Ann’s mother was Frances Holland Hopkins and her parents married 31 July 1834 in Sydney BDM 273734 (not showing on the online BDM).

The information in Church of Latter Day Saints is incorrect in that Ann’s mother is shown as Mary Ann Harper, 1st wife of Thomas Harper. Mary Ann had 2 children, Thomas Hedges Harper (b Sydney 1829) and John Harper (b Sydney 1831). Mary Ann died Sydney 1833 and Thomas married Frances a year later in Sydney 1834. They had 4 children: Fanny (b and d 1835), Ann (b 1838) George (b 1839 d 1841) and George Walter (b 1841 died 1844).

Ann’s father, Thomas, was eaten by the cannibals in the Myree (Marree or Mare) Island Massacre about 17 Dec 1843. This island is part of the Loyalty Islands, now New Caledonia. This group of islands were renown for cannibalism. This death is recorded in many ways, including a notice in the Sydney Morning Herald on 22 March 1844, and a letter held by Dorothy Hyden in Colorado Springs written many years later by John Beer Paddison to his sister, Julia Curtis.

From: Subject: Horstman and Paddison Date: October 26, 2010 9:23:58 PM PDT To:

Hi Roger

I was searching for my g-grandfather, John Beer Paddison, and found some of his details on your Horstman site.

He emigrated to Australia and married Ann Harper. They had about 10 children and lived around the Bathurst NSW area.

I’d like to add some information about him and his direct descendants to your site if that is possible. My wikimedia name is fjc… and I’ve only just registered.

Many thanks

Jill C New South Wales, Australia