Anna Maria Harper

Type Value
Name Anna Maria Harper
Born 1838-03-15
Gender F
Died 1923-05-08 Bathurst, N.S.W., Australia
Buried Old Bathurst Cemetery, Australia
Type Value
Father Thomas Harper
Mother Frances Holland Hopkins
Married 1834-07-31, Sydney, Australia
Type Value
Family John Beer Paddison b. (1822-12-22, Neath, Glamorganshire, Wales) d. (1910-01-03, Perthville, Bathurst NSW, Australia)
Married 1856-07-17, Bathurst, N.S.W., Australia
Children 1 William Thomas Paddison b. (1857-05-08)
2 Frances Amelia Paddison b. (1858-12-02, Bathurst, N.S.W., Australia)
3 John Ernest Paddison b. (1860-07-15) d. (1943-10-09, Queen Charlottes Vale, Bathurst, NSW)
4 Albert Paddison b. (1862-07-19) d. (1865)
5 George Walter Paddison b. (1864-03-05) d. (1935)
6 Emily Maud Paddison b. (1866-03-03)
7 Arthur Paddison b. (1867-09-17)
8 Charles Henry Paddison b. (1869-07-29) d. (1949)
9 Marion Lily Paddison b. (1871-09-06) d. (1942)
10 Charlotte Ethel Paddison b. (1874-03-17)
11 Albert Bertie Paddison b. (1875-10-15)
12 Sydney Phillip Paddison b. (1878-02-18)


Marriage of John Beer Paddison - Farmer - and Ann Harper of Sydney at Wesleyan Church, Queen Charlottes Vale, near Bathurst N.S.W. by Joseph Orm, Minister, on 17th July, 1856

Hi Roger

I’ve just been looking at your Word Document. In it, you say that Henry’s mother was “Anne Harper Curtis”. In fact, her maiden name was Anna Maria Harper, married William Curtis. She died in Bathurst NSW in 1877 and is buried in the old Bathust cemetery.

In Australia, we don’t put the woman’s maiden name into her full name. Instead, we refer to her as Anna Maria Curtis nee Harper. The reason I mention this is that often women and men had their mother’s (or grandmother’s) maiden names as part of their christening name.

Jill Colwell New South Wales, Australia