Christiana Caroline Dorothea Ochs

Type Value
Name Christiana Caroline Dorothea Ochs
Born 1827-03-28 Brackrade, Oldenberg, Germany
Gender F
Died 1894-07-09 Battle Creek, Ida County, Iowa
Buried Pine Hill Cemetery, Wheatland, Clinton County, Iowa
Type Value
Father Johann Friedrich Ochs
Mother Margaretha Christine Lundi b. (Brackrade, Oldenberg, Germany)
Married 1811-00-00
Type Value
Family August Frederick Horstmann b. (1831-01-28, Sarau, Schleswig Holstein, Germany) d. (1920-03-30, Ida Grove, Ida County, Iowa)
Married 1856-04-06, Bosau, Oldenberg, Germany
Children 2 August Gustav Heinrich Horstman b. (1855-11-30, Brackrade, Oldenberg, Germany) d. (1942-01-03, Ida Grove, Ida County, Iowa)
3 Edward F. Horstman b. (1872, Scott County, Iowa)
1 Ferdinand Dietrich Horstmann b. (1853-11-30, Brackrade, Oldenberg, Germany) d. (1938-01, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa)
4 Theodore Horstmann b. (1872) d. (1872)


Type Value
Christiana Caroline Dorothea Ochs
Ida County History
August and Christina Horstmann née Ochs
Headstone - Picture taken just inside cemetery looking West from just South of the main entrance.
Pine Hill Cemetery, Wheatland, Clinton County, Iowa
Christiana Caroline Dorothea Ochs
Headstone - detail
Pine Hill Cemetery, Wheatland, Clinton County, Iowa


1 NOTE Germans to America says age 38 and occupation - woman. This age does not match the age I have of 43 at the time of arrival. “Christianna” is the correct spelling according to the 1880 Clinton IA. census. The 1881 censes also says she was born in Oldenberg, Germany and her parents were also born in Oldenberg.

From the Pine Hill Cemetery transcription. HORSTMANN CHRISTINE KARELINE (OGHS) 07/09/1894. Not sure where the name Kareline came from. Did not see the headstone for Christianna or August H. when I walked through the Pine Hill Cemetery in Apr. 2005. The headstone photos were sent to me in Oct 2013 by Chris M.

Obituary for Christianna Horstman which included a photo. Mrs. August Horstman, Sr. Deceased. Born in Germany 1831; came to county 1884; died 1894.

Small notice in the Battle Creek Times: Horstmann ~ Monday, 9 July 1894, died at her home in Garfield Township, Mrs. A. Horstman after a long illness. Her body was shipped to Wheatland, Iowa for interment.

Pine Hill Cemetery, Wheatland, Spring Rock Twp. HORSTMANN CHRISTINE KARELINE (OGHS) 07/09/1894

Name was Christiane Odes b. 29 Mar 1830 per data from Joachim Hempel in Germany 12-07-09 (GEDCOM File)

Horstmann - Ochs Information From Mr. Joachim Hempel - May 2003

History from Church records of Brackrade and Bosau Germany

-Dietrich Ferdinand Horstmann was born 29, Novembre 1853 11.00h p.m. in Brackrade christening 11. Decembre 1853 in Bosau

-August Gustav Heinrich Horstmann was born 30.Novembre 1855 5.00h a.m. in Brackrade christening 15.Decembre 1855 in Bosau

-marriage August Friedrich Horstmann Christina Caroline Dorothea Ochs 06.April 1856 in Bosau

Brackrade is a little village near by Bosau and the church is in Bosau.