Grace Virgil Clemens

Type Value
Name Grace Virgil Clemens
Born 1871-02 Missouri
Gender F
Died 1965
Buried Mountain View Cemetery, Auburn, King County, Washington
Type Value
Father Gaspar Christopher Clemens b. (1849-04-23, Xenia, Green County, Ohio) d. (1906-10-07, 1241 Clay St., Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas)
Mother Virgil Grace Mortur b. (Ohio)
Married 1868-00-00, Ohio
Type Value
Family Henry Allen Lemmon b. (1875-07, Solomon, Dickinson County, Kansas) d. (1942-04-22, Seattle, King County, Washington)
Married 1894-06-02, Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas
Children 2 Virgil Grace Lemmon b. (1898-10-09, Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas) d. (1956-08-28, Stanislaus County, California)
1 Clemens Vivian Lemmon b. (1896-05-19, Kansas City, Wyantotte County, Kansas) d. (1978-01-13, Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington)
3 Paul H. Lemmon b. (1899-10, Kansas)
Henry Allen Lemmon and Grace Virgil Clemens
Marriage Certificate - remarried 5 March 1918
Original marriage was 2 Jun 1894
Seattle, King County, Washington 1918-03-05
Type Value
Family George H. Dorland
Married 1929-08-10, Court House, Seattle, King County, Washington
Divorced 1940-00-00
George H. Dorland and Grace Virgil Clemens
Marriage Certificate - 10 August 1929
Court House, Seattle, King County, Washington 1929-08-10


Type Value
Grace Virgil (Lemmon) Dorland née Clemens
Headstone 2014-02-07
Grace Virgil Clemens
Grace Virgil Clemens
Grace Virgil (Clemens) Dorland
Grace Virgil (Clemens, Lemmon) Dorland
Cover of “The Banner” Ft. Lewis Military Museum 1953-05-10
Grace Virgil Clemens
1927 at 56 years old 1927
Grace Virgil Clemens
3 years old c. 1874
Grace Virgil Clemens
7 years old c. 1878
Grace Virgil Clemens
8 years old c. 1879
Grace Virgil Clemens
11 years old c. 1882
Grace Virgil Clemens
14 years old c. 1885
Grace Virgil Clemens
18 years old - Church group c. 1889
Grace Virgil Clemens
35 years old c. 1906
Grace Virgil Lemmon née Clemens and family
Grace Virgil Lemmon née Clemens with her children -
Clarence (Glenn) Lemmon, Virgil Grace Lemmon and Paul H. Lemmon
Grace Virgil Clemens - Probate document
Advance of final settlement - 17 Apr 1920
Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas 1920-04-17


1 NOTE Grace Virgil was remarried to “Dorland” as written on several old photos per Violet Horstman

Date: October 8, 1906 Location: New Mexico Paper: Albuquerque Journal Mr. Clemens was a cousin of Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain). He leaves a widow and daughter, Mrs. Grace Lemmon of San Francisco. “A cousin of Samuel Clemens” is not true.

Grace Virgil lived in Tacoma Washington in the early 1930’s. She rode a “freight train” to Los Angeles when she came to visit her daughter and grandchildren. This was from Mina Paddison. Mina also said she brought her cat with her. I have a “First Place” blue ribbon from a Seattle Cat show that must have belonged to her. The ribbon was mixed in with all of the old photographs.

From Johnson County Marriages 1857 - 1907 Lemmon, Henry A 18 Wyn. Co, 1894-06-02 Wm. Pellett, PJ Olathe, KS F165 + Clemens, Grace 23 Shawnee Co, KS

Grace Virgil Clemens was born Feb 1871? No specific record has been found. Her father, Gaspar C. Clemens, practiced law in Ohio for 14 months before moving to Topeka. GC Clemens was practicing law in Topeka by March 1870. Grace Virgil was probably raised in Ohio by her mother in younger years. GC Clemens Obit says his first wife “took the two children East to live.” There are photos of Grace Virgil taken in Topeka, KS when she was younger and as a teen. The first day of June 1870 Topeka census shows Gaspar C Clemens 25 years old and Jeanetta (sp?) Clemens 23 years old and both born in Ohio.

Gaspar Christopher Applied for a marriage license with Carrie Kirkpatrick in April 1876. He applied for a passport in June 1877 and traveled alone. GC Clemens first marriage must have ended prior to 1876 and the second lasted only a short time. His third marriage was to Stella Carberry in 1881.

The only mention of a second child was in Gaspar Christopher Clemens Obituary where it said the mother “took the two children” and the 1880 census that shows Gaspar Clemens in a boarding house with 7 year old “Ada Clemens.”

Grace Virgil Clemens married Henry Allen Lemmon in Olathe KS on 2 Jun 1894. Grace Virgil was 23 years old and Henry Allen was 18 years old. This is according to Olathe, Johnson Co, KS marriage records.

Grace Virgil may have lived in San Francisco in 1906 when her father, Gaspar Christopher Clemens, died. From the Albuquerque Journal news dated 8 Oct 1906. It says “he leaves a widow and daughter, Mrs. Grace Lemmon of San Francisco.” It also says that GC Clemens was a cousin of Samuel Clemens which is not true.

There is a news article about Henry Allen Lemmon in The Spokane Press dated Feb. 08, 1910, page 2 image 2 that says Henry A Lemmon, the wife deserter, was paroled upon the promise to pay $10 per week child support for his 3 children. “Lemmon has been working at the carpenter trade at Kennewick since October 1, 1909 and had sent his family only $67”.

Grace Virgil and Henry Allen Lemmon were remarried in 5 March 1918 per marriage certificate from Snohomish County, WA. It shows the residence of Grace Virgil as Los Angeles, CA and Henry Allen as King County, WA.

Grace Virgil Lemmon married George H. Dorland on 10 August 1929 in Seattle, WA. per marriage certificate. Grace’s name is shown as Grace V. Clemens Lemmon and her daughter, Mrs. Virgil Paddison, was one of the witnesses.