Christian Clements

Type Value
Name Christian Clements
Born c. 1717 Augusta County, Virginia
Gender M
Died 1783-03 Augusta County, Virginia
Type Value
Father Clements
Mother Living
Type Value
Family Catrine Margaretha Vaught b. (c. 1715, Germany) d. (1793-07, Augusta County, Virginia)
Married 1735-00-00
Children 1 Gaspar Clements b. (1753-04-30, Augusta County, Virginia) d. (1813-05-25, Augusta County, Virginia)
2 John Clements b. (1755-08-17, Staunton, Augusta, Virginia) d. (1834-08-20, Jackson County, Tennessee)
3 Mary Catherine Clements b. (c. 1734)
4 Margaret Clements b. (1734, Orange County, Virginia) d. (1814, Hayward County, North Carolina)
5 Elizabeth Clements b. (c. 1739, Virginia)
6 Eve Clements b. (1749-05-01)


The following information on the birth place for Christian and Catrine has not confirmed. This was taken from information on Craig Trout. 2. Christian Clemons, born Abt. 1713 in Electoral Palatinate, Holy Roman Emprire? (now Germany); died Abt. Feb 1783 in Augusta County, VA. He married 3. Catrine Margaretha Faught Abt. 1733 in Orange County, VA?. 3. Catrine Margaretha Faught, born 1715 in Holy Roman Empire (now Germany); died Bef. Jun 1793 in Augusta County, VA. She was the daughter of 6. Johan Paull Vogt and 7. Maria Katrina unknown.

The following information has not been confirmed.

Note: Page 275.–13th February, 1780. Christian Clemons’ (signed in German) will–To wife, Catharine; to son, John, home plantation; to eldest son, Gasper, plantation joining David McNeelly; to my in law, George Trout and his wife, 5 shillings; to Henry Lyner and his wife; to Philip Berger and his wife; to daughter, Catharine, and her son, David Trout; to daughter, Elizabeth. Executors, wife and son-in-law, Henry Lyner. Teste: John Davidson, Robert Stephen, Jno. Surfas. 15th March, 1783, Kathorine refuses to qualify. Teste: Robert Stephen, Jacob (mark) Barrier. Proved, 18th March, 1783, by Robert Stephens and John Surfas. Henry Lyner qualifies.

Page 286.–9th April, 1783. Christian Clemon’s estate appraised by James Kerr, Jas. Robertson, Jacob Barger, Alex. Robertson

John Paul and his family arrived in Philadelphia in Oct 1733. By Jan 1735, John had his First land patent. So from October 1733 to Jan 1735 he arrived at, settled on, and probably built a home on, his land in an area of German settlement in the morther neck of Orange Co., Va. Much of the land in the Great Fork between the Rappahannock and Rapidan Tivers in what is today Madison and Culpeper Co., Va was settled by Germans. John Paul’s patent for 640 acres of land in Orange Co., Va was recorded in Jan 1735. John Pauls’s land adjjorned that of Christian Clements. Christian’s land was patented 21 Nov 1734, a few months before John Paul got his patent. Both John’s and Christian’s land would today be in Madison Co., Va near the Culpeper Co., line and on state route 609. Neighboring land owners were John Hufman, Capt. Robert Green, Capt. Henry Fields, Jr., Mr Thornton, Capt. Benjamen Roberts, Thomas Kenerly, Joseph Bloodworth, Samuel Coleman, Conrade Amberger, and Docttennant. Christian Clements married one of John Paul’s daughter probably Catherine Margret, since Christian’s wife was often referred to as Catherine. The marriage probably took place before they move to the Great Valley in 1744. John Paul may have attended the Hebron Luteran Church which is still in use in Madison Co., Va. John Paul Vaught and his wife Mary Catherine sold 170 acres, part of his original patent, to William Caul on 7 Jul 1744. John Paul also sold 470 acres , the rest of the patent in 1744 to John Thomas for 5 schillings. John Paul may have moved to Tte Massanutten Mountain area between Jul 1744 and Oct 1744. John purchased 400 acres from David Logan in the Shenandoah Valley in 1744. John patented land on a North Draft of the North River of the Shenandoah 20 Sep 1745. John Paul lived nest to John Baumgartner on the North River. Christian Clements patented land on the SE side of the South River of the Shenandoah on 25 Sept 1746. In 1749 John Paul Vaught and Christian Clements had a survey run on land on the South River. John Paul Died at his home in the Shenandoah Valley in 1761. When he moved there, the Co was Orange. When he died there, the Co was Augusta. Today the County is Rockingham. John Paul’s will was dated 9 Oct 1759 and was proved 18 Aug 1761. His estate Sale and appraisal were dated 10 Sept 1761. Besides his sons Andrew and Gasper, only one daughter, the one who married Christian Clements, is mentioned in John’s will. It is therefore assumed that the other daughter died without issue priort to Oct 1759, the date of John’s will.