Catrine Margaretha Vaught

Type Value
Name Catrine Margaretha Vaught
Born c. 1715 Germany
Gender F
Died 1793-07 Augusta County, Virginia
Type Value
Father John Paull Vaught d. (1761-07, Augusta County, Virginia)
Mother Maria Catharina
Type Value
Family Christian Clements b. (c. 1717, Augusta County, Virginia) d. (1783-03, Augusta County, Virginia)
Married 1735-00-00
Children 1 Gaspar Clements b. (1753-04-30, Augusta County, Virginia) d. (1813-05-25, Augusta County, Virginia)
2 John Clements b. (1755-08-17, Staunton, Augusta, Virginia) d. (1834-08-20, Jackson County, Tennessee)
3 Mary Catherine Clements b. (c. 1734)
4 Margaret Clements b. (1734, Orange County, Virginia) d. (1814, Hayward County, North Carolina)
5 Elizabeth Clements b. (c. 1739, Virginia)
6 Eve Clements b. (1749-05-01)


Will Book 3 Page 50.–9th October, 1759. Johan Paul Faught’s (John Bellfaught) will–Wife, sole executrix; wife, Mary Katrine; 3 children, Katrine Cleman, Andrew and Casper Faught. Teste: Archd. Huston, Peter Funk, Catrine Funk. Proved, 18th August, 1761, by Huston and Peter Funk. Mary Catrine qualifies, with Christian Cleman, Geo. Trout (signed, Cath. Fought).

Page 448.–10th September, 1761. John Bellfaught’s estate sold at vendue–To Catrina Faught; to Henry Lynor; to Andrew Faught; to Peter Funk; to Caspar Faught; to Henry Colar; to Elizabeth Bruester; to James Waite; to Alex. Kile; to Geo. Trout; to Robt. Reyburn; to Jno. Hines, Geo. Martin, Peter Miller. Robt. Stevens, Edward Rutledge, James Cover, David Menerley. Cash paid Christian Clements for 1 year’s board of the widow. Balance due the legatees to be equally divided between Andrew Faught, Casper Faught. and the wife.–Christian Clements. Recorded, 21st May, 1766.

Page 60.–12th June, 1783. Catherine Clemon’s will–To son, John, all estate; to daughter, Catherine. Executors, sons John and Jacob Berryer Teste: Joseph Hannah, Frederick Stull, David Trout. Proved, June Court, 1793 by Trout (Joseph Hannah is dead), and at July Court, 1793, by Shull. John Clements qualified.

JUNE 18, 1793. (p. 290) Joseph Hanna, witness to will of Catherine Clements, deceased, is since dead.

  1. Catharina Margaret VAUGHT was born about 1715 in Germany. She died in 1793 in Probably Augusta County, Virginia. This death date is from the book:“Descendants of Christley Vaught” Vol 1 by Helen Spurlin and Mickey Martin.

Catherines will was dated 1783 and was proved 1793. Notes and family data are from the book “There Was A Gaspar In The Family” Vol 2 by Helen Spurlin and Mickey Martin. Contributed by The Vaught Association.

Catherine Margaret Vaught d/o John Paul Vaught and his wife Maria Catharina was b about 1715 in Germany. She married Christian Clements (Clemons, Clemens, Clemon, Claymon, Clayman, etc.) about 1735 in Virginia.

Christian Clements’ will was dated 13 Feb 1780 and was proved 18 Mar 1783 in Augusta County, VA. The will named his wife Catherine, the eldest son Gaspar, a son John, a daughter Catherine wife of George Trout, a grandson David Trout, and mentions but does not name his daughters married to Henry Liner and Philip Burger. Burger is also Barger or Barrier. Cahterine (Vogt) Clements’ will was dated 12 Jun 1783 and was proved in 1793. It names her son John, daughter Catherine, and also mentions Jacob Barrier who was probably a grandson. Five known children follow: Gaspar Clements, Mary Catherine Clements, John Clements, Margaret Clements and Elizabeth Clements.

She was married to Christian CLEMENTS (son of Gaspar CLEMENTS and Mary) about 1735 in Virginai. Christian CLEMENTS died about 1783 in Augusta County, Virginia. Notes and family data are from the book “There Was A Gaspar In The Family” Vol 2 by Helen Spurlin and Mickey Martin. Contributed by The Vaught Association.

Elizabeth Clements d/o Christian and Catherine (Vogt) Clements married Henry Lyner or (Liner). A list of Rockingham Co., VA tithables in 1783 was Henry Liner and his sons Christopher and Adam. Catharina Margaret VAUGHT and Christian CLEMENTS had the following children:

+6 i. Gaspar CLEMENTS. +7 ii. Mary Catherine CLEMENTS. +8 iii. John CLEMENTS. +9 iv. Margaret CLEMENTS. +10 v. Elizabeth CLEMENTS.