Charles Carl Buhman

Type Value
Name Charles Carl Buhman
Born 1863-01-25 Giessen, Germany
Gender M
Died 1948-01-26
Buried Saint Pauls Cemetery, Charter Oak, Crawford County, Iowa
Type Value
Father Johann Christian Buhmann b. (1822-03-12, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) d. (1915-09-02, Wheatland, Clinton County, Iowa)
Mother Marie Bewarder b. (1818-02-14) d. (1906)
Type Value
Family Louise C. Kohn b. (1859-12-26, Dommer, Germany)
Children 10 Henry Buhman
11 Max Buhman b. (1903-12-27, Charter Oak, Crawford County, Iowa) d. (1984-05)
1 Bill Buhman
2 Alice Buhman
3 Davis Buhman
4 Kate Buhman
5 Marie Buhman
6 Charlie Buhman
7 Walter Buhman
8 Emma Buhman
9 Jack Buhman


1 NOTE Max had the same parents as my grandfather(Henry Buhman),Charles Buhman and Louise Kohn….she was the little red haired grandma that everyone loved….Charles came from GneissenGermany and Louise from Dommer, Germany. He was born 1/25/1863and she 12/26/1859. They had 11 children..Max being the youngestand my grandfather, Henry, next to the youngest….Bill, AliceDavis, Kate Peterson, Marie (died at 3 months), Charley, Walter(died of appendicitis in his 20’s) in his 20’s), Emma Bruns,Jack, Henry and Max.