Louise C. Kohn

Type Value
Name Louise C. Kohn
Born 1859-12-26 Dommer, Germany
Gender F
Type Value
Type Value
Family Charles Carl Buhman b. (1863-01-25, Giessen, Germany) d. (1948-01-26)
Children 10 Henry Buhman
11 Max Buhman b. (1903-12-27, Charter Oak, Crawford County, Iowa) d. (1984-05)
1 Bill Buhman
2 Alice Buhman
3 Davis Buhman
4 Kate Buhman
5 Marie Buhman
6 Charlie Buhman
7 Walter Buhman
8 Emma Buhman
9 Jack Buhman


Louise c. Kohn Buhmann was born in Germany and emigrated to the United States with her family. She lived in Pennsylvania and married Carl Henry Buhmann. They moved to Charter Oak, Iowa where Carl was a blacksmith and wagon wheel maker.

Her children were Henry, Mary, Alice, Katherine, Carl, Walter, Emma, Marie, Florence, John, and Max.

Her parents were Caroline Fredericka Holzersandt and John Frederick Kohn.