Johann Christian Buhmann

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Name Johann Christian Buhmann
Born 1822-03-12 Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Gender M
Died 1915-09-02 Wheatland, Clinton County, Iowa
Buried Pine Hill Cemetery, Wheatland, Clinton County, Iowa
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Type Value
Family Marie Bewarder b. (1818-02-14) d. (1906)
Children 1 Flora C. A. Buhman b. (1860-01-20, Greissen, Schleswig Holstein, Germany) d. (1946-11-26, Big Rock, Scott County, Iowa)
2 Henry Christian Buhman
3 Wilhemina Beth Buhman
4 Fritz Buhman
5 Charles Carl Buhman b. (1863-01-25, Giessen, Germany) d. (1948-01-26)


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Johann Christian Buhmann
Pine Hill Cemetery, Wheatland, Clinton County, Iowa 2014-03-03


1 NOTE The John Christian Buhman and Marie Bewarder family immigrated to the US in 1872 or 1880… with five children and a grandchild…one grandchild was born on the high seas….Henry Christian, Wilhemina Beth, Fritz, Flora Horstman and Charles Carl father of Henry and Max.

My great-grandfather, Johann Christian Buhmann, and two brothers came from that area and settled in northwest Iowa. I have a good bit of information dating back to approx. 1820’s in the Flensburg, Germany region.