Mahala Athon

Type Value
Name Mahala Athon
Born 1805-01-22 Collierstown, Rockbridge County, Virginia
Gender F
Died 1865-02-09 Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana
Buried Old City Cemetery, Bedford, Indiana
Type Value
Father Joseph Athon
Mother Living
Type Value
Family Dean B. Barnes b. (1801-04-28, Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky) d. (1875-04-28, Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana)
Married 1823-04-26, Orange County, Indiana
Children 1 Mary Barnes b. (1824, Indiana)
2 Henry Franklin Barnes b. (1829-08-11, Orleans, Indiana)
3 Eliza J. Barnes b. (1826, Indiana) d. (1841)
4 Maria Ann Barnes b. (1827, Lawrence, Marion County, Indiana)
5 John Barnes b. (1830, Indiana)
6 Virginia A. Barnes b. (1831, Indiana)
7 Joseph Dean Barnes b. (1833, Indiana)
8 William Andrew Barnes b. (1838-09-13, Springville, Lawrence County, Indiana)
9 James T. Barnes b. (1842, Indiana)
10 George R. Barnes b. (1842, Indiana)
11 Newton Barnes b. (1847, Indiana)
12 Nancy Barnes b. (1848, Indiana)
13 Ralph Barnes b. (1850, Springville, Lawrence County, Indiana)


A teacher of the higher branches of mathematics at Washington City, in the latter part of the eighteenth century.