Dean B. Barnes

Type Value
Name Dean B. Barnes
Born 1801-04-28 Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky
Gender M
Died 1875-04-28 Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana
Buried Old City Cemetery, Bedford, Indiana
Type Value
Father Henry Barnes b. (1773-05-17, Georges Creek, Lonaconing, Allegany County, Maryland) d. (1856-08-03, Xenia, Green County, Ohio)
Mother Mary Dean b. (1780, Kentucky) d. (1857-11-23, Xenia, Green County, Ohio)
Married 1800-12-01, Clark County, Kentucky
Type Value
Family Mahala Athon b. (1805-01-22, Collierstown, Rockbridge County, Virginia) d. (1865-02-09, Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana)
Married 1823-04-26, Orange County, Indiana
Children 1 Mary Barnes b. (1824, Indiana)
2 Henry Franklin Barnes b. (1829-08-11, Orleans, Indiana)
3 Eliza J. Barnes b. (1826, Indiana) d. (1841)
4 Maria Ann Barnes b. (1827, Lawrence, Marion County, Indiana)
5 John Barnes b. (1830, Indiana)
6 Virginia A. Barnes b. (1831, Indiana)
7 Joseph Dean Barnes b. (1833, Indiana)
8 William Andrew Barnes b. (1838-09-13, Springville, Lawrence County, Indiana)
9 James T. Barnes b. (1842, Indiana)
10 George R. Barnes b. (1842, Indiana)
11 Newton Barnes b. (1847, Indiana)
12 Nancy Barnes b. (1848, Indiana)
13 Ralph Barnes b. (1850, Springville, Lawrence County, Indiana)


Dean B. Barnes passed away at Mitchell, Ind., in 1873, from the effects of being removed from a burning hotel, in which he was confined to his bed from an attack of pneumonia at the time the fire broke out. He was a successful business man and acquired a large amount of property, most of which he lost by going security?