John Endres

Type Value
Name John Endres
Born Roden, Unterfranken, Bavaria, Germany
Gender M
Type Value
Father Dominikus Endres b. (1795-02-05, Roden, Unterfranken, Bavaria, Germany) d. (1863-02-10)
Mother Elizabeth Eyrich b. (1794-06-02, Germany) d. (1868-04-30, Germany)
Married 1816-01-30, Bavaria, Germany
Type Value
Family Living
Children 1 Charles Endres b. (1861, Bavaria, Germany) d. (1938)
1 Wilhelm Endres b. (1869) d. (1939)


May have stayed Germany as far as is known. John had at least 2 children, Charles and Wilhelm, who were in Chatsworth and later moved to Boone County, Indiana. Wilhelm was reportedly blind. Wilhelm lived on the farm with Charles’ family until Charles died, and then lived at the Little Sisters of the Poor home in Indianapolis.