Jesse Clemens

Type Value
Name Jesse Clemens
Born c. 1844
Gender M
Type Value
Father George O. Clemens b. (1817-11-29, Green County, Ohio) d. (1893-06-19)
Mother Susanna Fichthorn b. (1820, Ohio) d. (1867-02-10)


Note: Enlisted in the Union Army and died in army hospital in Maryland of typhoid fever.

From Earlier Settlers of Xenia Robert Montgomery came in 1837, as did his sons, Isaac and William. The widow of the latter still lives on the old homestead, and is the wife of Jesse Clemens. Two brothers, William and John Lawson, settled in 1838, the former in Section 7 and the latter in Section 6. William was a Baptist minister, and John kept a country store. Both in the meantime engaged in farming. Holman, Anderson, Jarvis, Cook and Henderson came about 1838.