George O. Clemens

Type Value
Name George O. Clemens
Born 1817-11-29 Green County, Ohio
Gender M
Died 1893-06-19
Buried Silvercreek Cemetery, Old Jamestown, Greene County, Ohio
Type Value
Father John Douglas Clemens b. (1785-11-18, Virginia) d. (1866-01-21, Silver Creek Township, Greene County, Ohio)
Mother Susanna Slagle b. (1796-06-09, Augusta County, Virginia)
Married 1815-10-16, Weyers Cave, Augusta County, Virginia
Type Value
Family Harriet Sterritt b. (c. 1850, Ohio)
Children 1 Laura Clemens b. (c. 1867, Green County, Ohio)
2 Edith Clemens b. (c. 1870, Green County, Ohio)
3 Clifford Clemens b. (c. 1873, Green County, Ohio)
Type Value
Family Susanna Fichthorn b. (1820, Ohio) d. (1867-02-10)
Children 1 Jesse Clemens b. (c. 1844)
2 Catherine F. Clemens b. (c. 1846, Green County, Ohio)
3 Mary Elizabeth Clemens b. (c. 1848, Green County, Ohio)
4 Melvina (Mollie) Ann Clemens b. (c. 1852, Green County, Ohio)
5 Amanda M. Clemens b. (1854, Green County, Ohio) d. (1877-09-03)
6 Emma Jane Clemens b. (c. 1857, Green County, Ohio)
7 John Orville Clemens b. (c. 1859, Green County, Ohio)
8 William Merritt Clemens b. (c. 1862, Green County, Ohio)


Note: In 1827 lived in Silver Creek Township, Greene Co, OH.

1860 Census - New Jasper Township, Greene Co, OH, pg 235. Living next to brother John G.

1870 Census - New Jasper Township, Greene Co, OH, pg 161. New wife. Living next to brother John.

1880 Census - Silver Creek Township, Jamestown, Greene Co, OH, pg 345. Wife, William 17, Orville 20, Myrta 10, Clifford 7.

Robinsons “History of Green County” shows b. 1827 & d. 1898