Herman F. Horstmann

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Name Herman F. Horstmann
Born 1871-02-20 Cedar County, Iowa
Gender M
Died 1923-06-20
Buried Pine Hill Cemetery, Wheatland, Clinton County, Iowa
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Father Frederick Horstmann b. (1835-12-31, Holstein, Germany) d. (1909-07-03)
Mother Maria Christina Dorothea Horstmann b. (1841-04-27, Sarau, Schleswig Holstein, Germany) d. (1900-10-10)
Married 1865-12-22, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa
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Family Emma Bielenberg b. (1878) d. (1963)
Married 1898-03-20, Iowa
Children 1 Henrietta Minnie Horstmann b. (1899-02-03) d. (1997-03-25)
2 Dorothy Augusta Horstmann
3 William Herman Horstmann b. (1902-11-07, Toronto, Clinton County, Iowa) d. (1996-01-07)


Type Value
Herman F. Horstmann
Pine Hill Cemetery, Wheatland, Clinton County, Iowa 2005-04-20
Herman F. and Emma Horstmann née Bielenberg
Headstone Monument
Pine Hill Cemetery, Wheatland, Clinton County, Iowa 2005-04-20



Among the highly respected citizens of Liberty township. Clinton County, is Herman F. Horstmann. who is the owner of valuable farming interests, and who, like the other members of this thrifty family, is deserving of special mention in this history, for his life has been one of honest endeavor and has not been selfishly lived, as those who know him best will readily attest, for he has ever stood ready to .do his full duty as a citizen and neighbor, delighting to trust people and having them trust him, but at the same time being alert and proving himself to be a man of affairs in all that the term implies.

Mr. Horstmann was born in Cedar County, Iowa, February 20. 1871 and he is the son of Frederick Horstmann and wife, who are given proper mention in another part of this work. Suffice it to say here that they, amid difficulties, succeeded in establishing an excellent home here and winning a reputation for uprightness and who took infinite pains in rearing their children in a proper manner.

Herman F. Horstmann, of this sketch, grew to maturity on the home farm and assisted with the general work about the place as soon as he was old enough. and he attended the local public schools during the winter months. Deciding to take up farming for his life work, he has spent his energies in this direction with the result that he has succeeded admirably well, and is now the owner of a well improved and highly productive farm of two hundred acres where he lives and fifty acres in Cedar county. Iowa. He is a general farmer and raises high grade stock which he prepares for the market, stock-raising forming no small part of his operations, and owing to the excellent quality of his stock he finds a very ready market for all he offers for sale. He has a neat and comfortable dwelling and such outbuildings as his needs require. He keeps improving his place from time to time. believing in keeping everything in first class order.

Politically Mr. Horstmann is a Democrat, as has been all his family, and like most of them, too, he has been more or less active in party affairs. He has very ably filled the office of constable for several years, and he has been school director for four years.

Mr. Horstmann was married on March 20, 1898. to Emma Bielenberg, a native of Germany and the daughter of Josh. and Dora Bielenberg, also natives of Germany, from Which Country they came to Davenport, Towai in an early day. Mrs. Bielenberg’s death occurred in 1902. and the father is now a resident of Davenport. He has been very successful since coming to the United States and has won a reputation for fair dealings among his fellow men.

Three children have blessed the nnion of Mr. Horstmann and wife, named as follows: Henrietta Minnie, Dorothy Augusta and William Herman.

Like his honored father before him and the rest of the Horstmann family. Herman F. has always had a reputation that is nnassailahle and he is therefore a man of intelligence in his commitment and is well thonght of by all who know him.