Fredrick Christopher Winter

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Name Fredrick Christopher Winter
Born 1860-12-25 Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Gender M
Died 1924-04-01
Type Value
Father Simon William Winter b. (1825, Prussia) d. (1891, Iowa)
Mother Whilhelmina Holskemper b. (1828-11-11, Prussia) d. (1916-01-29)
Type Value
Family Cecelia Rekward b. (1881-02-10) d. (1937-12-20)
Married 1896-12-14
Children 1 Clara Elvina Winters b. (1898-07-23)
2 Emma Marie Winters b. (1900-10-06)
3 Herman Albert Winters b. (1902-05-22)
4 Elvina Sophie Winters b. (1904-11-24) d. (1980-10-04)
5 Albert Simon Winters b. (1906-05-29)
6 Otto Frederick Winters b. (1910-08-10) d. (1960-02-23)
7 Ella Ida Winters b. (1914-03-24)


Type Value
Fredrick Christopher and Cecelia Winter née Rekward
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When Fredrick was nine years old, he accompanied his parents to Waukon, Iowa. At age 20, he went to Reinbeck, Iowa.