Emma Petersen

Type Value
Name Emma Petersen
Born 1838-10-25 Dithmarschen, Germany
Gender F
Died 1922-06-03
Type Value
Father Adolph Johannes Petersen b. (1810-07-04, Altona, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) d. (1905-01-16, Templeton, San Luis Obispo County, California)
Mother Auguste Elizabeth Stackflate b. (1812, Hamburg, Germany) d. (1873, Reinbeck, Grundy County, Iowa)
Married 1839-00-00
Type Value
Family Hans Hinrich Horstmann b. (1830-11-10, Holstein, Germany) d. (1916-12-01, Orange Township, Clinton County, Iowa)
Children 1 Bismarck Carl Horstmann b. (1872-06-12, Toronto, Clinton, Iowa) d. (1947-03-02, Calamus, Clinton County, Iowa)
2 Pauline Horstmann


Emma Petersen came to America with parents in 1855 (from Iowa?)

Emigration: 1862, From Germany and Arrival: 1863 (from Gary Salstrom)

Emigration: 1862, From Germany Residence 1: 1880, Liberty, Clinton, Iowa Residence 2: 1870, Liberty, Clinton, Iowa Residence 3: 1895, 1895, Clinton, Iowa Residence 4: 1900, Liberty, Clinton, Iowa

Possible date of birth is 1839 in Meldorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

From the 1925 Atlas of Clinton County. Published by the Anderson Publishing Co., Des Moines, Iowa. Horstmann, Wm. Wf. Pauline. P. O. Toronto, R. 1. R. 80 ac., sec. 15; R. 7 ac., sec. 16. (19.) Owner, Emma Horstmann.