Edwin Rees Paddison

Type Value
Name Edwin Rees Paddison
Born 1836 Neath, Glamorganshire, Wales
Gender M
Died 1908
Type Value
Father William Paddison b. (1791-01-17, High Bray, Devonshire, England) d. (1866-05-02, Neath, Glamorganshire, Wales)
Mother Mary Beer b. (1795-05-21, High Bray, Devonshire, England) d. (1840-12-21, Cadoxton-Juxta-Neath, Blaenhonddan, Wales)
Married 1816-03-19, High Bray, Devonshire, England
Type Value
Family Anne Margretta Saunders b. (1843, Llandovery, Carmarthenshire, Wales) d. (1894)
Married 1859-00-00
Children 0 Charles Henry Paddison b. (1860) d. (1912)
1 Alice Maud Paddison b. (1867)
2 Edwin George Saunders Paddison b. (1870)


Type Value
Edwin Rees, George Beer and Charles Henry Paddison
Three Paddison Patriarchs who grew old and marry at home
Photo taken at Swansea on a jolly Saturday