Dorothea Christina Augusta Horstman

Type Value
Name Dorothea Christina Augusta Horstman
Born 1875-09-14 Sarau, Schleswig Holstein, Germany
Gender F
Died 1968-06-25 Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa
Buried Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa
Type Value
Father Wilhelm Heinrich Horstman b. (1833-02-16, Sarau, Schleswig Holstein, Germany) d. (1905-02-02, Black Hawk, Grundy County, Iowa)
Mother Christina Margaretha Dorothea Krampau b. (1836-12-13, Backhorst, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) d. (1928-05-20, Black Hawk, Grundy County, Iowa)
Married 1858-07-08, Sarau, Schleswig Holstein, Germany
Type Value
Family John C. F. Ehrig b. (1868-09-04, Holstein, Germany) d. (1947-10-23)
Children 1 Ralph M. Ehrig b. (1912-09-21, Iowa) d. (1973-02, Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa)
2 Paul C. Ehrig b. (1908, Iowa)
3 Frances Ehrig b. (1915, Iowa)
4 Ernest C. Ehrig
5 Herman Ehrig
6 Gustav W. Ehrig
7 Walter Ehrig


Type Value
John and Dorothea Ehrig nee Horstman
Elmwood Cemetery, Waterloo, Black Hawk County, Iowa 2011-05-03


Fact1: Lived in Waterloo, Iowa Residence 1: 1880, Davenport, Scott, Iowa Residence 2: 1910, 2-Wd Le Mars, Plymouth, Iowa Residence 3: 1930, Waterloo, Black Hawk, Iowa

John and Dorothea took over her father’s farm when William Horstmann retired. It was most likely a rental transaction so William would continue to have an income in retirement. The farm, which later became the Dave Neil farm, was located one mile East of Reinbeck on the North side of the highway. Black Hawk Township, Section 22, SE corner.

After John’s death, Dorothea went to live with, first, with her daughter Frances. Later with her son, Gustav and his wife. Dorothea was in poor health in her last years and is reported to have required lots of care.