Clara Paddison

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Name Clara Paddison
Born 1870-03-12 Neath, Glamorganshire, Wales
Gender F
Died 1966-10-18 Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California
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Father William House Paddison b. (1854, Baglan Farm, Wales, England) d. (1929)
Mother Mary House b. (c. 1842-11, Stoke St. Gregory, Stathe, Somersetshire, England)
Married 1869-03-23, Stoke St. Gregory, Stathe, Somersetshire, England
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Family William Whitson Jones b. (1871, Neath, Glamorganshire, Wales)
Children 2 John William Jones b. (c. 1900, Neath, Glamorganshire, Wales) d. (1988-10-25, Orange, Orange County, California)
1 Margaretta House Jones b. (1900, Neath, Glamorganshire, Wales)


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William Paddison and Clara Paddison
William Paddison and his sister, Clara Paddison
William Whitson Jones - Biography

William Whitson Jones - Biography
Also, see letter written by William Whitson Jones daughter, Margarette, to her aunts, Mable and Maud
Clara Paddison
Clara Paddison
circa 1895
Clara Jones and Johnny Jones
Clara Paddison with son, John William Jones
Margaret Van Matre née Jones Letter
Letter about William Whitson Jones and other information
April 1947 1947-04


1 NOTE Always known as Aunty Clara SS # *** Death Residence Localities ZIP Code: 90255 Localities: Huntington Park, Los Angeles, California Birth Date: 12 Mar 1870 Death Date: 15 Oct 1966

First Name: Clara Last Name: Jones Ethnicity: England, Welsh Last Place of Residence: London, England Date of Arrival: Oct 08, 1908 Age at Arrival: 38y Gender: F Marital Status: M Ship of Travel: Majestic (1890) Port of Departure: Southampton Manifest Line Number: 0003


I came across your family site and my wife is a great niece of Clara through her husband who was William Whitson Jones. The families were in touch until after the war and there are letters still in being. I have photos of both Clara and William as very dashing young people.


Martyn Griffiths

Hi Roger

Just had one of those moments when I couldn’t find my disc with all my wife’s family photos on!!! Panic over and disc copied!!

The photo of William Whitson is taken in Bulawayo. As you can see they look a couple of young go getters.

The photo you have is probably of Clara and her son - John William Jones.

I have more information on the family which I can send. My wife has a few Paddison relations. One stayed in the Neath area and another emigrated to Australia. They are a well known local family. I have a photo somewhere of the Corn Stores belonging to Clara’s father in London and will try and dig it out.

I believe Clara’s family has now died out as you can see from the attached chart (if correct).

I’d be interested to see what you have on Clara.

Best wishes from Wales