Christopher Clemens

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Name Christopher Clemens
Born c. 1782 Augusta County, Virginia
Gender M
Type Value
Father Gaspar Clements b. (1753-04-30, Augusta County, Virginia) d. (1813-05-25, Augusta County, Virginia)
Mother Mary Caldwell b. (1756-11) d. (1809, Augusta County, Virginia)
Married 1774-12-16
Type Value
Family Polly Craig d. (c. 1815)
Married 1803-00-00
Children 2 William E. Clemens b. (1807, Augusta County, Virginia) d. (1877-11-10, Xenia, Green County, Ohio)
3 Nancy Agnes Clemens b. (1813-01-09, Augusta County, Virginia) d. (1868-12-13)
1 Gaspar Clemens b. (1805-10-06, Augusta County, Virginia) d. (1849-07-29, Green County, Ohio)
Type Value
Family Mary Nagle
Married 1815-00-00


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Christopher Clemens
Land Survey - 1797
Augusta County, Virginia


It is suspected that the following Gasper Clemmons is GC Clemons Grand father and Polley Caldwell Clemmons his Grand mother.

Source: The William and Mary Quarterly, Second Series, Vol. 15, No. 3, (Jul., 1935), pp. 294-298 (the following is from 1st PP of page 295)

Polley Clemons, who in 1778 was bequeathed one dollar by robert douglass (Will book, no. 1, p. 263), might possibly be a relative of Twain’s. Gasper Clemmons (variously spelled), who in 1800 married Polley Caldwell (Marriage Register, no. 1, pp. 27-29), was of German extraction, and was not a relative (Lyman Chalkley, Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, III, 164). These are the first names of the Clemens variety in the records of Campbell County.

AUGUSTA COUNTY, VIRGINIA - CHALKLEY’S CHRONICLES; Vol 3, PP 160 - 169 Page 275.–13th February, 1780. Christian Clemons’ (signed in German) will–To wife, Catharine; to son, John, home plantation; to eldest son, Gasper, plantation joining David McNeelly; to my in law, George Trout and his wife, 5 shillings; to Henry Lyner and his wife; to Philip Berger and his wife; to daughter, Catharine, and her son, David Trout; to daughter, Elizabeth. Executors, wife and son-in-law, Henry Lyner. Teste: John Davidson, Robert Stephen, Jno. Surfas. 15th March, 1783, Kathorine refuses to qualify. Teste: Robert Stephen, Jacob (mark) Barrier. Proved, 18th March, 1783, by Robert Stephens and John Surfas. Henry Lyner qualifies.

AUGUSTA COUNTY, VIRGINIA - CHALKLEY’S CHRONICLES; Vol 3, PP 240 - 249 Page 461.–25th May, 1813. Gasper Clemant’s will–To wife, Mary; division to, viz: Christopher Clemens, John Clements, Nancy, wife to George Crawford; Catren Clements, Polly Clements, grandson, Casper Clements; to son, James. Executors, Chas Patrick, James Craig, Jr. Teste: John Conner, Sr. and Jr.; Thos Ellet Conner. Proved, 27th February, 1815. Craig qualified, and 27th March, 1815, Patrick qualifies.

Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia


(444) Joseph Patterson recommended Captain, vice Captain William Anderson; John Campbell as Lieutenant, and David Gibson as Ensign. (445) Randall Slack and Sarah, his wife, failing to appear as witnesses to the will of Casper Ekert, are fined unless they appear, &c. (447) Joseph Patterson qualified Captain; also John Campbell as Lieutenant, and David Gibson as Ensign. (447) David Griner qualified Constable. (448) Patrick Savage to be summoned to show cause why his children should not be bound out, it appearing that he is not capable of bringing them up in a Christianlike manner. (449) Thomas Rankin recommended Captain, vice Robert Kenny; Gasper Clemmons as First Lieutenant, George Anderson as Second Lieutenant, and James Rankin as Ensign. (450) Commission granted to take deposition of Sarah, wife of John Caldwell. Deed to Jacob Gabbert. (450) Thomas Rankin qualified Captain. (451) Michael Simms indicted for rescuing his horse, impressed in country’s service. Stuffe How, for opposing and resisting an officer empowered to press a horse for said service, by Geo. Nicholas, Jacob and Martin Coyle. (452) Rebecca, widow of Andrew Lewell, qualifies executrix. (453) James Hughes, witness–18 miles. Page 205