Anna Matilda Reinfort

Type Value
Name Anna Matilda Reinfort
Born 1867-11-28 Palatine, Cook County, Illinois
Gender F
Died 1942-04-22 McCook, Red Willow County, Nebraska
Buried Patrick Calvary Cemetery, McCook, Red Willow County, Nebraska
Type Value
Father John Reinfort
Mother Katherine Helmwood
Type Value
Family Julian John Endres b. (1859-06, Roden, Unterfranken, Bavaria, Germany) d. (1944-03-11, McCook, Red Willow County, Nebraska)
Married 1887-01-18, Chatsworth, Livingston County, Illinois
Children 3 Charles Henry Endres b. (1895)
1 Nellie May Endres b. (1891)
2 Walter J Endres b. (1893)
4 John Julian Endres b. (1904-09-25) d. (1987-03-09, Atlanta, Georgia)


Type Value
Julian J & Anna Matilda Endres née Reinfort
Julian and Anna Endres family
Julian John and Anna Matilda Endres
Wedding Photo - 18 Jan 1887
Chatsworth, Livingstone County, Illinois 1887-01-18
Julian and Anna Endres née Reinfort
Portrait photo c. 1927
Anna Matilda Reinfort
Saint Patrick Calvary Cemetery, McCook, Red Willow County, Nebraska


Anna was one of nine children born to John and Katherine née Helmwood Reinfort. One sibling died while the family lived in Palatine, IL. Four siblings, Charles, Katie, Mary Elizabeth, and Matilda, died of diptheria and are buried in St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Chatsworth, IL. The other three siblings are Clara, Elizabeth and John Fred Jr.

Anna married Julian John Endres on Jan. 18, 1887 in Chatsworth, IL. They moved to Nebraska where Julian had taken out a homestead and timber claim to start his first cattle ranch. Anna and Julian had four children.