Alfred Pierre Diimig

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Name Alfred Pierre Diimig
Born 1919-03-17 Danbury, Woodbury County, Iowa
Gender M
Died 1980-11-04 Spirit Lake, Dickinson County, Iowa
Buried Lakeview Cemetery, Spirit Lake, Dickinson, Iowa
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Father Joseph Herman Diimig b. (1880-03-04, Chatsworth, Livingston County, Illinois) d. (1936-06-12, Danbury, Woodbury County, Iowa)
Mother Gertrude M. Smith b. (1890-06-23, Ida County, Iowa) d. (1971-05)
Married 1909-10-26, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Danbury, Woodbury County, Iowa
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Family Fern V. Christiansen b. (1916-12-02) d. (1998-12-26)
Married 1957-04-21, Jackson, Jackson County, Minnesota


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Alfred P. Diimig
Lakeview Cemetery, Spirit Lake, Dickinson, IA
Alfred P. Diimig
Taken on side of parents home in Danbury, IA
Alfred P. Diimig
Rabbit Hunting
Alfred P. Diimig
Unknown location 1943
Alfred P. Diimig
U.S. Army
Alfred Pierre Diimig with Priest
Best man at Leonard and Violet Horstman wedding 1942-04-25
Alfred P. and Fern Diimig
Taken at home
Joseph and Gertrude Diimig née Smith children -
Back from left: Larry, Vincent, Wilma Gertrude and Loretta
front from left: Marie and Alfred
This photo was listed as Diimig unknown 31.
Thanks to Carol Bacon for the identification c. 1920


1 NOTE Came to California with Leonard Horstman circa 1942. Alfred and Leonard were first cousins and best friends. Al was drafted into the Army in Iowa prior to WW2. Alfred (Al) was the best man at Leonard and Violet’s wedding.

Uncle Al, alias “Smokey” got this name from being a cook in the Army. There is a copy of his discharge papers in this section (Carols Book). He opened and operated a variety of eating establishments in the Okoboji and Spirit Lake, Iowa, area.

During the war he suffered “Shell Shock” and would re-live this part of his life at times. He visited our family in Chicago when home on leave and there Is a photo of him in uniform here (in Carol’s book). He was A “softy,” always room for an ice cream cone for his niece, Carol. He spent a lot of time visiting with his sister Marie who lived in spencer Iowa, a nearby community.

He married Ferne and they purchased a home on Big Spirit Lake. When my family visited, we were so close to the water I could lay in bed at night and hear the water “washing” up on the shoreline. He was a great guy! By Carol Bacon

He passed away from a sub dural hematoma suffered after a fall.