Wilfred J. H. Paddison

Type Value
Name Wilfred J. H. Paddison
Born 1912 Hendon, London, England
Gender M
Died Thaxted, Essex, England
Type Value
Father James Price Paddison b. (1878, Trenache Farm, Neath, Glamorgan, Wales) d. (1937-04-10)
Mother Elizabeth F. Thomas
Married 1911-00-00, Stoke Rivers Baptist Chapel, Devonshire, England


Type Value
James Price Paddison b. 1878 with family
James Price Paddison with wife, Elizabeth F. Paddison nee Thomas, and children, Wilfred J. H. Paddison, Elizabeth Ethel. Paddison, Joan F. Paddison c. 1920
Wilfred J. H. Paddison b. 1912
Portrait photo
Wilfred J. H. Paddison b.


Supplied ostrich feathers to Royal Family. Unmarried.