Whilhelmina Christine Horstman

Type Value
Name Whilhelmina Christine Horstman
Born 1892-03-24 Reinbeck, Grundy County, Iowa
Gender F
Type Value
Father August William Horstman b. (1865-09-21, Sarau, Schleswig Holstein, Germany) d. (1931-06-28, Reinbeck, Grundy County, Iowa)
Mother Sophia M. Winter b. (1869-05-31, Wisconsin) d. (1918-10-21)
Married 1889-01-16, Reinbeck, Grundy County, Iowa
Type Value
Family Ray E. Martin b. (1892-07-25) d. (1967-09-22)
Married 1915-11-17, Reinbeck, Grundy County, Iowa
Children 1 Roy John Martin b. (1917-09-17)
2 Glen August Martin b. (1919-06-24)


Type Value
Jones, Sell and Horstman children
Back row, L to R, Henry Jones, Marcus Jones
Front row, L to R, Christina Sell, Whilhelmina (Minnie) Horstman c. 1911


Residence: 1900, Black Hawk, Grundy, Iowa