Vincent Schubert

Type Value
Name Vincent Schubert
Born Roden, Unterfranken, Bavaria, Germany
Gender M
Died 1943-03-21
Buried Calvary Cemetery, Henry, Marshall County, Illinois
Type Value
Father George Schubert b. (1823-07-28, Mittlefranken, Bavaria, Germany) d. (1893-05-19, Henry, Marshall County, Illinois)
Mother Maria Eva Barbara Rasp b. (1826, Mittlefranken, Bavaria, Germany) d. (1894-12-29, Henry, Marshall County, Illinois)
Married 1848-00-00
Type Value
Family Martha Seichter d. (1935-11-06)


1 NOTE Lived at Henry, Illinois and is buried there. He had 10children. One is a priest, Father Henry Sdchubert.

George and Eva (Gresser) Schubert1870 …

George Schubert and his family emigrated from Mittelfranken, Rhienland-Pfalz, Germany in 1874. George (50), wife Eva (45), daughters Theresa (20), Marie (19), Elizabeth (15), and sons George (18) and Vincent (14). They boarded the Hamburg-America Line steamship Holsatia in Hamburg on May 6 1874 bound for America. After a brief stop in La Havre to take on additional passengers on May 9th, Captain Barends, then turned the ship west towards New York and crossed the Atlantic in 11 days, arriving on 20 May 1874.

Not long after their arrival to the United States, George and his family settled in Whitefield township, Marshall County Illinois, where his three oldest daughters marry.Page: 1 of 3 Next 1880…

At the time of the 1880 Census, George (58), Eva (53) and sons George (24) and Vincent (20) are farming in Whitefield township.

Son George marries Katherine Mattern in 1883.

Son Vincent marries Martha Seichter in 1885.


George passes away on 19 May 1893 at age 71. Then Eva passes away just nineteen months later on 29 Dec 1894. Both are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Henry, Illinois.

On 25 Feb 1895, Vincent purchases 40 acres of land from M C Wilder in the southeast quarter of Section 24 of Washington Township, Cass County, Iowa, and another 80 acres in the southeast and southwest quarters of the same section from Elizabeth Hayward. On the same day his brother-in-law, John Diimig, purchases 85 acres in that section and section 25 from Elizabeth Hayward. Whether Vincent and Martha were planning a move to Iowa to be near his sister Theresa is unknown, but seems probable given that his other sister Elizabeth and her family are farming just 6 miles due east in Franklin township. Another explanation is that Vincent was renting the farm land to John Diimig.

1900 …

By February of 1900, Vincent sells in land interests in Cass County, Iowa to his brother in-law John Diimig.

At the time of the 1900 Census, Vincent (40) and Martha (36) have settled on a farm they are renting in Osage Township, La Salle County. Whether this was the farm vacated by his sister Elizabeth and husband Conrad when they moved to Iowa is not certain. Vincent and Martha now have a substantial family consisting of 5 daughters, Frances (14), Ida (9), Rosa (8), Mary (5) and Dorthea (3), and three sons, Leo (12), Eddie (7), and Henry (9 months).

Based on birth year, birth place and immigration year on the 1900 Iowa Census, it appears probable that Vincent’s brother George moved to a farm in Lincoln township, Calhoun County, Iowa. He and wife Catherine are raising four children, Harry F (13), Charley G (11), Emma J (8), and Rosa C (1).

1910 …

By 1910, Vincent (49) and Martha (45) have moved to a farm they own in Whitefield township, Marshall County. After 25 years of marriage, eldest daughter Frances has left home and they have been blessed with three additional children. The children are Leo (22), Ida E (20), Rose (18), Edward (17) Mary J (15) and Dorthea A (12), Henry (10), Gertrude 7), Clement 4 and George (2).

In 1910, George and Katharine are still farming in Lincoln township, Calhoun County, Iowa. Harry has left the farm leaving the three youngest children still at home. Their ages are, Charles G (20), Emma J (18), and Rosa C (11). The year of immigration appears to be 1871 for George on this census which may or may not be an enumeration error, but calls into question whether this is Vincent’s brother.

Vincent (59) and Martha (54) are still on the farm in Whitefield township with children Ida (30), Gertrude (18), Henry (20), Clement (15) and George 12).

George (63) and Kate (55) are still on the farm in Lincoln township. Rose K (21) is still at home as well. Again the year of immigration is 1871 for George calling into question whether this is Vincent’s brother.

George’s wife Cathrine dies in 1922. She is buried in St. Thomas Cemetery in Manson, Iowa.

1930 …

Vincent (69) has retired from farming. He and Martha (65) have moved to Henry and living in a home on Wirt Street with daughter Gertrude (28).

George (72) has retired from farming. He has moved into a home on Main Strreet in Manson, Iowa. His year of immigration is listed as 1873 which may indicate that he just forgot what year he came to America, considering some 50 years had elasped.

Vincent’s wife Martha passes away 6 Nov 1935 from complications with Diabetes. She in buried in Calvary Cemetery in Henry.

Vincent passes away 21 Mar 1943 at the age of 82. He in buried with Martha in Calvary Cemetery in Henry.