Susanna Merfeld

Type Value
Name Susanna Merfeld
Born 1860-11-08 Bettingen, Rhineland, Germany
Gender F
Died 1931-01-06
Type Value
Father Mathias Merfeld b. (1824-12-25, Bettingen, Rhineland, Germany) d. (1903-09-08, Dodge Twp., Worthington, Dubuque County, Iowa)
Mother Susanna Heinz b. (1826-09-16, Bettingen, Rhineland, Germany)
Married 1849-05-31, Bettingen, Rhineland, Germany
Type Value
Family Jacob Hemmer b. (1857-06-09) d. (1929-07-05, Kalispell, Flathead County, Montana)
Married 1880-01-27, Dubuque County, Iowa
Children 1 Frank Hemmer b. (Sioux County, Iowa)


Susanna and Jacob had 7 children

1 NOTE Gertrude Merfeld was one of 9 children, she was number 5 and mygreat grandmother was number 6. Her name was Susanna Merfeld whomarried Jacob Hemmer in Dubuque Co., Iowa. They lived inNebraska and Lynn Co. and Sioux Co., Iowa before moving toMontana. My greatgrandparents had 7 children. My grandfatherFrank Hemmer was born in Sioux Co., Iowa. My grandfathermarried Pearl Alena Eayrs in Kalispell, Flathead Co., Montanashe died at the age of 26. She had my Uncle George Hemmer and myfather Bruce Hemmer. She and a baby girl died 2 days aftergiving birth. My dad met my mother when he was in service hername was Ruth McKane. I am their oldest child. My name is Susan (Named for Susannah Merfeld) Kay Hemmer Posey. You and I would be third cousins. Our parents would be second cousins, mygrandfather and your grandmother would be 1st cousins. and Gertrude and Susanna Merfeld were sisters.

have been working with a cousin who still lives in the village in Germany. He and his wife came to the states some years back and I took them around to visit relatives in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa. They are the ones who gave me the book on our relatives that was done in the villiage. He also wrote a book when he went back about the family. Just a short one on his trip here. Which I have in my position. A friend of mine actually just finished transulating it this week. His great grandmother was a sister to Mathias Merfeld. Her name was Barbara and she married a man by the name of GroÏ. Which transulates to Gross. All Merfeld’s in the US are from the brothers of Mathias and Mathias’s children, etc. Except for one family who came in after WWI and settled in Maine. He had no male children to continue the name. His sister also came to the states and settled in Chicago area, but of course none of her children carried the name. One family came in after WWII and settled in Massachusetts. I keep in touch with them also and they do have decendants here in the states most in New England. Ours are the one’s all across the country. The spelling goes back to th 1700’s in the book done in the villages of our family. 4 Villages now form the town of Schmelz, Germany. To the best of my knowledge my gggrandparents Nicholas and Maria Kreèamer Hemmer were the first to come to the states in 1849 from the village in Germany and settled in Worthington. They left right after their marriage so he could escape the military draft. Worthington was an area setup by the Catholic church for German immigrants in 1849. My Jacob Hemmer married Susannah Merfeld in 1880. Susannah was on of Mathias’s daughters. According to the connections I have been able to make in our tree she was related to her husband Jacob 3 times. She was his 3rd cousin, 5th cousin once removed, and husband. Atleast 10 family names came to the states and settled and again married into these families.

Susan Hemmer Posey (