Rupert Edward Lee Featherstonhaugh

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Name Rupert Edward Lee Featherstonhaugh
Born 1909-10-04 Paris, France
Gender M
Died 1976-07-13 St. Peters Hospital, London, England
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Type Value
Family Marion Jeanette Paddison b. (1917) d. (c. 1984)
Married 1935-00-00, Staines, Middlesex, GB
Children 0 Ian Featherstonhaugh
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Family Joan P. Turner
Married 1941-00-00, Blackpool, Lancashire, GB
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Family Gwendoline F. M. Whitmore
Married 1948-00-00, Surrey North Western, Surrey, GB


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Rupert E. L. “Buddy” Featherstonehaugh
St. Peters Hospital, London, England 1976-07


Band leader and race car driver

Born in 1909 he recorded his first band in 1935, a twelve piece group, including Harry Hayes, that recorded five titles but released only one 78rpm record. He was a popular band on the BBC Radio Rhythm Club and recorded with his sextet from 1943 to 1945. During the second world war (1940-45) he led the Buddy Featherstonhaugh RAF Sextet a group that included some of the personnel from his Radio rhythm Club band and recorded a number of ‘Vic Lewis Jam session’ dates that were subsequently issued by Harlequin (LP). He left music temporarily from 1947-51 to participate full time in the motor racing scene, something he had earlier been involved in in the 1930s. In all his previous records he had played tenor sax or clarinet, but on his comeback to jazz recording in 1956 he switched to baritone sax. He died in 1976.