Rocco Luisi

Type Value
Name Rocco Luisi
Born 1871-05-27
Gender M
Died 1951-07-01
Type Value
Type Value
Family Maria Lavista b. (1870-06-24) d. (1944-03-23)
Children 1 Antoinetta Luisi b. (1897-08-26, Toritto, Bari, Italy) d. (1983-09-21)
2 Dominic Luisi b. (1900-05-24) d. (1986-07-18)
3 Cecilia Luisi b. (1904-05-08) d. (1963-12-22)
4 Assunta Luisi
5 Teresa Luisi b. (1902-04-23) d. (1991-02-06)
6 Margaret Luisi
7 Pepino Luisi
8 Pasquale Luisi b. (1911-08-09) d. (1987-10-18)


The following is from Regina Sabina regarding Rocco Luisi, Maria Lavista and their children for the birth and death dates.

I was reviewing my video today and have some dates you may consider adding to the information you have. These dates are documented from the cemetery in Toritto and their memory cards (like we have available at funerals).