Philip Barger

Type Value
Name Philip Barger
Gender M
Died 1791-10-07
Type Value
Type Value
Family Eve Clements b. (1749-05-01)
Married 1765-02-04


Pending research: The Berger (Barger) family appears to have a number of ties to the Traut and Clemons families. Elizabeth Clemons had married Philip Berger in about 1760. Also in 1760, Hans Georg Traut was an appraiser for the Casper Barger estate, and then in 1765, Hans Georg Traut and wife Mary sell their lands on Paines Run to Margaret Berger. While the significance (if any) of this relationship is not yet clear, it begs further inquiry.

July 1733 - The “Charming Betty” commanded by Captain John Ball, sets sail for the port of Philadelphia on the Delaware River in the British Colonies. Permission had been granted by the Courts to transport a manifest of 15 Palatines and their families for a total of 62 persons. Included on the Charming Betty?s shipping manifest are Johan Vogt 52, his wife Maria Vogt 46, and their children Catherina Vogt 18, Maria Vogt 16, Andreas Vogt 12, and Caspar Vogt 8.

Also on the “Charming Betty” manifest were the Burger family as following. Note the burger (Barger) family was closely associated to the Vogt and Clemens family. Margaretha Burger, 50 Anna, 25 Nicholas, 20 Philipp, 1