Mary Skelton

Type Value
Name Mary Skelton
Gender F
Type Value
Father Ben Skelton
Mother Sarah Nickson b. (1889-09-15)
Type Value
Family Harry Chambers


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Edward and Grace Paddison with Mary Skelton
Edward and Grace Paddison with Mary Skelton
Wishbone Loop, Catalina Island, CA.
Paddison, Skelton, Nickson and Schmidt families
From left, Edward Paddison- I517 with/Mary Skelton Chambers - I539, Harry Chambers - I540, unkown female, Ben Skelton - I538, unknown male, Sarah Manhart Schmidt (another of mom’s cousins) next to her Annie Nickson Bassell - I541, behind Annie is Charles Nickson - I543, Joe Nickson - I2503 and unknown male on the far right, in front kneeling I think is Paul Schmidt.
Nickson, Skelton and Paddison family members
Joseph Nickson, Sarah Skelton, Jane Simey nee Paddison and Mary Skelton - Sept. 30, 1937 1937-09-30


1 NOTE They lived in North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California. Mary and her husband later moved to Yuba City, Sutter County, California per Dottie Mullis 12-02-02