Marta Sforza

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Name Marta Sforza
Born 1854
Gender F
Type Value
Type Value
Family Paul Silletti
Children 2 Paolo Silletti b. (1877, Italy) d. (1931-01-31, Jersey City, Hudson County, New Jersey)
1 Michael Silletti b. (1875, Italy)
3 Francesco Silletti b. (1884, Italy)
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Family Living
Children 1 Joseph Mongelli b. (1892-02-11, Italy) d. (1981-09, North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California)


Margaret Sforza was married to (1) Barblomeo Mongelli. They had a son, Joseph Mongelli. Joseph and wife had a daughter, Mary Mongelli, who never married and was living in North Hollywood, CA 2004.

Margaret Sforza was also married to (2) Paolo (Paul) Silletti. They had 3 sons. Paolo, Mike and Frank.

Marta Sforza arrived in New York on the ship Burgundia in 1896. She came with Lou Giuseppe Mongelli age 4.

Marta Sforza, age 61, arrived in New York on the ship SS Carpathia on 27 Apr 1914. She came with son, Paolo Silletti age 37. Palo is the father of Ann Calabrese. They both list Michael Silletti, brother and Son, as closest relative in Italy.