Marjorie Dimig

Type Value
Name Marjorie Dimig
Born 1915-12-17 Atlantic, Cass County, Iowa
Gender F
Died 1987-12-24 Columbus, Ohio
Type Value
Father Henry Joseph Dimig b. (1888-12-24, Chatsworth, Livingston County, Illinois) d. (1970-06-28, Atlantic, Cass County, Iowa)
Mother Augusta Paulsen b. (1891-02-22)
Type Value
Family Arnett C. Browning b. (1908-05-12, Iowa) d. (1996-05-12, Springfield, Nebraska)


Type Value
Henry Joseph and Augusta Dimig née Paulsen
Arnett C. and Marjorie Browing née Dimig
Headstone - right side is Henry and Augusta Dimig
Mildred was child of Henry and Augusta. Arnette Browning was son-in-law,
married to their daughter, Marjorie
Atlantic Catholic Cemetery, Cass County, Iowa


Helped raise step daughter, Doris Browning