Marie Eleanor Lemmon

Type Value
Name Marie Eleanor Lemmon
Born 1934-08-17 Saratoga, Carbon County, Wyoming
Gender F
Type Value
Father Phillip Otto Lemmon b. (1913-05-15, St Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri) d. (1992-10-28)
Mother Theda d. (1991-09-12)
Type Value
Family Kent
Children 1 Thomas
2 Larry
3 Davy Thomas


Type Value
Marie Eleanor Lemmon
Birth Announcement 1934-08-17


I have a box that has some things in it. One of the things I was hoping you would know who it was. It is a homemade birth anouncment. The name on it is: Marie Eleanor. The date of birth is August 16th, 1934. Born in Saratoga, WY. The father and mother were Mr and Mrs P.O. Lemmon. For doctor it says: Irwin and under nurse is my great grandmothers name Clara Lemmon. The assistant was Phillip Lemmon. What relation did you have to Phillip? I think you mentioned it once. Also Jeanie told me that she gave you the family tree and you are incorporating the information you have into that. Are you still working on it? I’d love a copy. Thanks