Margaret Peggy Dean

Type Value
Name Margaret Peggy Dean
Born 1799-04-19 Montgomery County, Kentucky
Gender F
Died 1846-07-10 Green County, Ohio
Buried Dean Cemetery, Jamestown, Green County, Ohio
Type Value
Father Daniel Dean b. (1766-10-20, Tobermore, Londonderry, Ireland) d. (1843-01-24, Caesars Creek, Green County, Ohio)
Mother Jannett Steele b. (1769, Augusta, Augusta County, Virginia) d. (1841-11-28, New Jaspar, Green County, Ohio)
Married 1791-00-00, Kentucky
Type Value
Family John Bickett b. (1797-02-15, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania) d. (1859-05-02, Green County, Ohio)
Married 1821-00-00


From: PORTRAIT AND BIOGRAPHICAL ALBUM pg 715, 716 John BICKETT was married in 1821 to Miss Peggy DEAN, daughter of Daniel DEAN, who removed to Ohio from Lexington, Ky., at a very early day. The maiden name of his wife was Elizabeth STEELE, also of Kentucky.

Married John Bickett Nov 7 1820, Mother to; Adam 1822, Daniel 1824, Elizabeth 1826, Robert 1827, Jennet 1830, Mary 1833, & John 1836