Lorna Paddison

Type Value
Name Lorna Paddison
Born 1927
Gender F
Type Value
Father Percy John Paddison b. (1894-04-16) d. (1985-11-12)
Mother Elizabeth Jean Johnston b. (1899-04-29) d. (1960-03-04)
Married 1922-00-00
Type Value
Family Living


Lorna compiled several pages of history on the Paddison family. She listed herself as the daughter of Perce (Percy) Paddison. Lorna started with a brief paragraph about the origin of the Paddison name/family and went into John Beer Paddison and his family. She included information about the Paddison family longevity. She ended with a statement from Edward Paddison about Paddison family origins. Edward was born on and inherited the Paddison Farm from his father in Norwalk, California. Some of the original typed copy of the Paddison history is very hard to read. The married name for Lorna is Mrs. Lorna Cullen. The “Cu” in Cullen is difficult to read on the text.