Kunigunda Baunach

Type Value
Name Kunigunda Baunach
Born 1823-08-01 Helmstadt, Germany
Gender F
Died 1898-11-11 Danbury, Woodbury County, Iowa
Buried St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Danbury, Woodbury County, Iowa
Type Value
Type Value
Family Dominick A. Endres b. (1820-03-24, Roden, Unterfranken, Bavaria, Germany) d. (1890-07-11, Chatsworth, Livingston County, Illinois)
Married 1848-10-10
Children 1 Kunigunda Cordula Endres b. (1849-07-09, Roden, Unterfranken, Bavaria, Germany) d. (1915-06-14, Danbury, Woodbury County, Iowa)
2 Dominick A. Endres b. (1851-01-11, Germany) d. (1922-02-09, Lebanon, Indiana)
3 Francis Endres b. (1853-10-01, Germany) d. (1930-01-07, Newton, Harvey County, Kansas)
4 Willibald Endres b. (1856-02-10, Germany) d. (1936, Kankakee County, Illinois)
5 Fred Endres b. (Germany)


Type Value
Kunigunda Baunach
St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Danbury, Woodbury County, Iowa


St. Mary’s – A Second Catholic Church 1897-1898 A parishioner died before the church was completed, the mother of Mrs. Henry Diimig, Kunegunda Endres, in November of 1898. A plank floor was hurriedly put down, an altar built and some plank seats arranged so that a funeral could be held.

1 NOTE The priest at Chatsworth, Ill. says Kunigunda’s maiden name was Baughwangle, but the record, in Roden, Germany, where they were possibly married or had their children baptized shows the names Baunack. The name Kunigunda Kondle has a meaning. She was called Gundie or Kundle (cuddling of children). 2 SOUR S1

Cunigunda, Kunigunde, Kunigunda it is really the same name. Most catholic priest at that time would register birth, marriage, etc. in Latin with Cunigunda - even so this name might have never been used in daily life. The name Gundie / Kundl(e) is also a short form of the name, still used today …

thanks for contacting me. It is very likely that the Baunach’s from your line have multiple linkage with our Baunachs and the Martin family. I say that, even so, I don’t have Kunigunda on my file but the Baunach and Martins are very old families in Helmstadt. Actually there are multiple Helmstadt in Germany! Do you have any indication that Kunigunda’s Helmstadt was in Bavaria? You can post you question at our forum at http://www.martin-bavaria.de and if you agree would send your request and information to a friend of mine “Bertold Baunach” how just complete the first chronicle of Helmstadt. I don’t know about the name Dumig, Diimig, Duemling but Endres, Hartman, Eyrich und Mehling are familiar to me … but people in Helmstadt might know about the rest to. I would happy if you share your information and can offer you to check with my contacts in Helmstadt. We are just peparing a joint Index of the Martins from Helmstadt … Thanks again for contacting me - I have no problem with unterstanding English - but sorry about my bad English writing.

Best regards from Berlin, Hugo Martin