Katherine Merfeld

Type Value
Name Katherine Merfeld
Born 1863-03-13 Bettingen, Rhineland, Germany
Gender F
Died 1920-11-25
Type Value
Father Mathias Merfeld b. (1824-12-25, Bettingen, Rhineland, Germany) d. (1903-09-08, Dodge Twp., Worthington, Dubuque County, Iowa)
Mother Susanna Heinz b. (1826-09-16, Bettingen, Rhineland, Germany)
Married 1849-05-31, Bettingen, Rhineland, Germany
Type Value
Family Nicholas Lehnhoff b. (1860-07-02, Dubuque County, Iowa) d. (1942-03-08)
Married 1883-01-03, Dubuque County, Iowa


Katherine and Nicholas had 8 children

Nicholas Lehnhoff’s parents were also born in Bettingen and his mother was a Kramer in German it is Kraemer or an a with a double dot over the a so some of the family got the a when they entered the country and others got the e All were family