John McCaleb

Type Value
Name John McCaleb
Born 1777-03-12 South Carolina
Gender M
Died 1823-08-18 Peachland Plantation, Adams County, Mississippi
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Type Value
Family Maria Collins b. (c. 1789) d. (c. 1835)
Children 1 James Franklin McCaleb b. (1812-02-09, Adams County, Mississippi) d. (1878-06-30, Pine Ridge, Adams County, Mississippi)


1803 - one of the commissioners appointed to purchase land for a county se at for Claiborne County, Mississippi. Gibson’s Landing was chosen on the S outh Fork of Bayou Pierre, which became Port Gibson, Mississippi. John McCaleb obtained a land grant for 650 acres in 1806 on Bayou Pier re in Claiborne County, Mississippi. He named this land Elmwood Plantatio n. (His widow, Maria Collins McCaleb and her second husband, William A. M iskell, sold this plantation in 1827). In 1808 he bought a large tract of land in Jefferson County, Mississippi. John McCaleb on land in Adams County, Mississippi that was purchased by Ca pt. William McCaleb in 1799 from William Marshall. It was was given or pu rchased from his father in 1808. This was about 12 miles north of Natch ez in the community that became known as Pine Ridge. John McCaleb named t his land Peachland Plantation.