Johan Adam Treiber

Type Value
Name Johan Adam Treiber
Born 1949-01-18 Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany
Gender M
Died 1930-02-27 Danbury, Woodbury County, Iowa
Buried St. Mary’s Catholic Cemtetery, Danbury, Woodbury County, Iowa
Type Value
Type Value
Family Bertha Draude b. (1853-09-17, Fritzlar, Hessen-Nassau, Preussen, Germany) d. (1930-10-22, Kansas)
Married 1873-09-15
Children 7 Adam Francis Treiber b. (1894) d. (1948)
1 Charles Treiber b. (1878) d. (1930)
2 John Treiber b. (1880) d. (1952)
3 Anton Treiber b. (1882) d. (1963)
4 George Treiber b. (1886) d. (1942)
5 Anna K. Treiber b. (1888) d. (1950)
6 Frederick Clement Treiber b. (1889) d. (1969)
8 Louis Henry Treiber b. (1896) d. (1960)


From Danbury, Iowa book - Adam Treiber was born in Stadelhofen, Bavaria, Germany, to Stephen and Kunegunda Deutzer Treiber on January 18, 1849. He worked as a coachman in Germany and hauled the priests to their various destinations.

Johan came to the US in 1870 and worked as a cooper in NY until 1877. He married Bertha Draude September 15, 1873. Her parents were Peter and Anna Gertrude Siebert Draude. Adam and Bertha had two daughters Elizabeth and Marie, both born in NY.

In 1877, they came to Danbury, Iowa where an aunt and uncle of Adam’s lived, George and Catherine Deutzer Castle. Adam and Bertha had a total of 12 children. Adam died February 27, 1930 and Bertha died October 22, 1930.