George Spencer Campbell

Type Value
Name George Spencer Campbell
Born 1885-11-07
Gender M
Died 1917-04-21 Arras, France
Type Value
Father George Campbell b. (1838-11-19) d. (1887-07-30)
Mother Amelia Heath Lee b. (1850-06-29) d. (1928-08-15)
Married 1880-09-18
Type Value
Family Amelia Eveline Paddison b. (1879-06-05, Trenache Farm, Neath, Glamorgan, Wales) d. (1967-04-28)
Married 1914-04-15, Dyffryn, Glamorgan, Wales
Children 0 George Charles Lee Campbell b. (1915-05-02) d. (1990-02-22)


Type Value
George Spencer Campbell
In uniform of Gordon Highlanders, a British Army infantry regiment in service from 1881 until 1994.


George Spencer Campbell was an accountant. He joined the “Gordon Highlanders” and died in action at Arras, France in 1917