Fritz William Hansen

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Name Fritz William Hansen
Born 1892-08-03 Atlantic, Cass County, Iowa
Gender M
Died 1965-11-11 Atlantic, Cass County, Iowa
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Type Value
Family Ruby Elizabeth Dimig b. (1898-03-04, Atlantic, Cass County, Iowa) d. (1991-07-04, Elk Horn, Shelby County, Iowa)
Married 1921-06-04, Atlantic, Cass County, Iowa
Children 1 Mervin Hansen
2 Norman Hansen


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Fritz William Hansen
Portrait photo
Fritz William Hansen
Atlantic Catholic Cemetery, Cass County, Iowa 2013-10-24


1 NOTE Became mentally ill after his return from WW I. It was said that he was “shell shocked”. He had numerous electro-shock treatments. He and Ruby eventually separated but did not divorce as she was a devout Catholic. He worked at the power plant in Atlantic, Iowa.

Ruby Elizabeth and Fritz William separated after their children were grown. Ruby did not get a divorce because she was a devout Catholic. Fritz’s behavior had been unpredictable for years. It was said he was “shell shocked” from WW I. He was a strong, stocky man; she was often fearful for her own safety. Fritz worked as a police officer in Atlantic, Iowa. He had received numerous electro-shock treatments and seemed to have periods when he functioned quite well. In later life, Fritz worked at the electric power plant in Atlantic. He died in 1965. The mental illness he suffered from is probably better understood now, and treatable with medication, but there was no effective treatment at the time.