Eileen Marie Paddison

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Name Eileen Marie Paddison
Born 1915 Cardiff
Gender F
Died 1999
Type Value
Father Herbert Sidney Huxtable Paddison b. (1881-07-23, Trenache Farm, Neath, Glamorgan, Wales) d. (1968-11-09)
Mother Bertha Florence Ashmore
Married 1914-00-00
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Family George Evans


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Frederick Vincent Paddison b. 1873 with wife, sister and brothers family
Back - from left
Bertha Florence (Tot) Ashmore wife of Herbert Sidney Huxtable Paddison, brother of Frederick Vincent
Eveline Campbell née Paddison, Sister of Frederick Vincent
Marie (sister to Bertha) wife of Frederick Vincent
Front - from left
Phil, Son of Frederick Vincent
Maisie - daughter of Herbert Sidney Huxtable
Eileen - daughter of Herbert Sidney Huxtable
Frederick Vincent Paddison
Paddison, Phillips, Ashmore and Campbell
Group photo taken at Trenache
Trenache Farm, Neath, Glamorgan, Wales
Maisie Eveline & Eileen Marie Paddison with Corbett Joseph James Phillips
Silly photo
Maisie Eveline & Eileen Marie Paddison with George Charles Lee Campbell
Portrait photo
Eileen Marie Paddison
Portrait photo