Doras Hass

Type Value
Name Doras Hass
Born 1858-06-27 Davenport, Scott County, Iowa
Gender F
Died 1941-05-22 Meriden, Cherokee County, Iowa
Type Value
Father Frederick Hass
Mother Caroline Meyer
Type Value
Family Heinrich Wilhelm Horstman b. (1860-12-29, Lubeck, Schleswig Holstein, Germany) d. (1926-02-19, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon)
Married 1885-11-07, Plymouth, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa
Children 1 William Fred Horstman b. (1886-08-13, Remsen, Plymouth County, Iowa) d. (1947-06-15, Cherokee, Cherokee County, Iowa)
2 August Philip Horstman b. (1888-07-06, Remsen, Plymouth County, Iowa) d. (1977-10-03, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon)
3 Ida Elizabeth Horstmann b. (1891-06-24, Remsen, Plymouth County, Iowa) d. (1972-06-07, Meriden, Cherokee County, Iowa)
Type Value
Family Frederick Fick d. (1883)
Children 1 Alvenia Fick
2 Caroline (Lena) Fick
3 Harry Fick
4 Mary Fick


More About DORA HASS: Name 2: Doras Horstman Date born 2: 1858, Iowa Census 1: 1900, 7 children, 6 living Census 2: 1910, 7 children 5 living Residence 1: 1900, Liberty, Cherokee, Iowa Residence 2: 1870, Fulton, Muscatine, Iowa Residence 3: 1885, Marcus, Cherokee, Iowa Residence 4: 1910, 2-Wd Le Mars, Plymouth, Iowa Residence 5: 1920, Cleghorn, Cherokee, Iowa Residence 6: 1930, Liberty, Cherokee, Iowa

Hi Clarice:

My great-grandfather was Heinrich Wilhelm Horstmann (Henry William Horstman) married to Dora Hass. They had three children, William Fred, August Philip (my grandfather) and Ida Elizabeth.

Dora was first married to Frederick Frick who died in 1883. Frederick and Dora had four children, Alvenia, Caroline (Lena), Harry and Mary. The children from the first marriage changed their surname to Horstman, although I have no information and whether they were formally adopted.

I have photos of the family that I received from my aunt, Betty Rawson Horstman Jensen.

I would be delighted to exchange information and photos with you.

My e-mail is

Best regards,