Cyril Morton Hawley

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Name Cyril Morton Hawley
Born 1917-03-09 Stone, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Gender M
Died 1948-01-31 Lost at Sea
Type Value
Father Ernest Hawley b. (1867-11-15, Blythe Bridge, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom)
Mother Mary Ann Forrester b. (1874-05-24, 17 Clive Street, Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom)
Married 1899-11-23, St. Flumerus Cavershwall, Cheadle, Stafford, United Kingdom
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Family Sybil Frances Paddison b. (1918-04-04, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, United Kingdom) d. (1999-02-22)
Married 1938-08-24, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, United Kingdom
Children 0 Living
1 Louise Hawley b. (1941-08-03, Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom) d. (1999-10-31, Sunninghill, Berkshire, United Kingdom)
2 Living
Cyril Morton and Sybil Frances Hawley née Paddison
Wedding photo
Known in photo: From the left: Charles Ivor Paddison, Marian Louise Wallis, Cyril Morton Hawley, Sybil Frances Paddison, Patricia Beryl Radnor nee Paddison, Pauline Loveday Paddison (far right). All others are unknown
Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, United Kingdom 1938-08-24


Cyril Morton Hawley was a passenger on the plane “Star Tiger” that was lost at sea over the Bermuda Triangle. The plane was en-route to Jamaica. History of the disaster does exist.

From Gail Pearce nee Hawley Oh yes, I remember my mother talking about the racing, my father also liked speed and racing! We took her to Goodwood in Surrey a few years back where they all used to race, and there was a reunion the other year that my cousins Ian and Maxine went to. I remember my mother telling me my father turned a little MG sports car over with my mother in it! while racing round the country lanes - she wasn’t best pleased. On all accounts he sounded a bit of a playboy. I think they all were!! My father did end up fighting the war in Burma and was mentioned in Despatches apparently (another thing I would like to find out about) - Burma was an awful place to be I was told - there is a photo somewhere - must look for it. I keep thinking of him at the moment particularly with the present passenger airliner that has gone missing. He was just 32 when the Star Tiger disappeared soo young and yet had had quite a life, this is partly why I would like to hear the Hawley side of his life. I could go on and on - would make a good story for the film industry.