Carl Adelbert Siebrecht

Type Value
Name Carl Adelbert Siebrecht
Born 1846-10-12 Gingst, Island of Rügen, Germany
Gender M
Died 1937 Odebolt, Sac County, Iowa
Type Value
Father Christian Siebrecht
Mother Fredericka Haack
Type Value
Family Caroline Maria Johanna Krowas b. (1850-11-27, Gingst, Island of Rügen, Germany) d. (1938-01-17, Odebolt, Sac County, Iowa)
Married 1875-09-00
Children 1 Otto Siebrecht b. (c. 1858)
2 Carrie Siebrecht b. (c. 1880)
3 Augusta Siebrecht b. (1883-07-17, Iowa) d. (1974-11-01)
4 Carl J. Siebrecht b. (1886) d. (1967)
5 Martha Siebrecht
6 John Siebrecht
Carl Adelbert and Caroline Maria Johanna Siebrecht née Krowas
Family portrait
Odebolt, Sac County, Iowa c. 1900


Carl Adelbert Siebrecht, son of Christian and Frederik Siebrecht, was born in Gingst Island of Rugan, Germany, October 12, 1846.

In January 1873, Carl came to New York with his parents. In March 1873, he and his sister moved to Illinois. On September 19, 1875, Carl married Carolina Krowas, who was born November 27, 1850, at Gingst Island of Rugan, Germany. She was left an orphan at eight years and came to America, January, 1873, and made her home with an aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Eggert at Lowden, Iowa.

Carl and Carolina came from the same part of Germany and were acquainted with each other before coming to America. After their marriage, they lived in Cedar County, Iowa. They came to Sac County in 1888 and made their home northeast of Odebolt on the farm where their grandson, Kermit Siebrecht now [1977] lives. In 1912, they retired to the town of Odebolt. Carl died in 1937 and his wife Carolina in 1938. They were parents of Otto; Carrie; Augusta (Mrs. Walter Sisk); Carl; Martha (Mrs. Roy Currie); and John.

Otto Siebrecht married Lorinda Sisk. Their children: Glen; Dorothy; Bernice; Lyle; and Wayne

Carl Siebrecht married Ethel Nickels, their children: Morris; Gayle; Miriam; Marjorie.

Martha Siebrecht married Roy Currie, their children: William, Delbert; Ethel.

John Siebrecht married Annie Kessler, their children: Kermit; Lloyd; Merle; Shirley. John’s wife, Annie, died and John later married Hilma Olson and two children were born to them: Robert; and Joan.

The Chronicle, Vol. 113, No. 38 September 16, 2004 Siebrecht Century Farm Award - The Gary & Karen Siebrecht and Lyle and Mary Ann Siebrecht family farm of Odebolt was among 330 families honored at the 2004 Century Farm Awards ceremonies held August 17 at the Iowa State Fair. Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Patty Judge presented the awards. The Siebrecht Century Farm was purchased by Carl Siebrecht, Sr., in February 1904 from George and Mary Ann Aupperle. Carl Siebrect’s son, Otto and wife Lorinda were next to farm. After Lyle’s return from the Army in WWII, Lyle and Mary Ann lived on the farm until 1981 when they built their home in Odebolt. Gary and Karen Siebrecht now live on the farm which is operated by Keith & Jill and Gary & Karen and sons.