Andrew Nickson

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Name Andrew Nickson
Gender M
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Family Zipporah Pickering d. (1873, Northwich, England)
Married 1823-02-12, Weverham, Cheshire, England
Children 1 George Nickson b. (1830-11-25, Weverham, Cheshire, England) d. (1901-10-25, Douglas County, Colorado)
2 Ann Nickson b. (1833, Weverham, Cheshire, England)
3 Mary Nickson b. (1835)
4 William Nickson b. (1838, Weverham, Cheshire, England)
5 Eli Nickson b. (1841, Weverham, Cheshire, England) d. (1846, Northwich, England)


1 NOTE With the help of some very kind souls I have found mygg-grandparents, Andrew Nickson married Zipporah Pickering onFebruary 12, 1823 in Weverham, Cheshire, England. Christening records for five children have been found also in Weverham. George 1829 (my g-grandfather), Anne 1833, Mary 1835, William 1838, and Eli 1841. Death records have been found for Eli in1846 and Zipporah in 1873 (in Northwich).

I know that both George and Mary came to Douglas County, Colorado and settled in Perry Park. Mary Nickson married George Radcliff of Derby, Derbyshire, England before migrating in 1857. They had four children. George (my g-grandfather) migratedin 1849. He fought in the Civil War before coming to Perry Park. After he homesteaded he met and married Sarah Paddison (from Wales), they had ten children, two died in infancy.

I am now trying to find William Nickson and Anne Nickson, or any records for them.

I am also looking for birth records for Andrew Nickson and Zipporah Pickering or for any siblings. Regards, Dottie Mulllis